Thursday, 19 January 2012

A lovely song i wish to share.... i cherish with fondness the day before i met you!
This was a tin of brownies that we made together, however we both awfully greedy and ate them all before we could put them on a cakestand and make them look pretty! (alanna ate the last one)

Dear all, this is a project of two halfs, Chelsea (the granny) and Alanna (the geeky one). We want to start a collection of images and thoughts on things we have created, remade, found, baked and best of all crafted! We are both massive lovers of granny crafts, anything vintage and most of all we are just two best friends trying to inspire each other. We are two charity shop addicts. We never claim to be cool, just that we find each other funny and interesting and we hope you do to.

But if you don't. Fuck off.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The first of many.

First day of new year...... new me? nah old one but trying!


A bit a 1940's thing happening this day.                        polka dot granny look, cardie, dress, belt charity shop, shoes snoopers paridise.

80's geek chic, mixwd with fur coat haha, everything
charity shop apart from brothel creepers.                     painter decorator look happening today, got told i look like an art teacher!
Alanna's lovely outfits