Saturday, 2 November 2013

Be Coated.

The positive thing about the change if season is re-discovering all the pieces you have neglected over the last months. There is something endlessly exciting to me about jackets and coats. They have the power to change an entire look and feel of an outfit. By adding more structure or a complete contrast of colour, or just a juxtaposing style to already predictable outfit. Not to be underestimated! This stunner of a jacket was a gift from a friend.... I know I have great friends! Really ups the ante of this late nineties vibe. I'm so in love with it. Sigh! So the morale of the story is, go crazy with your coats! Look out for cheapy charity shop treats, you may not wear them all the every day but with the winter approaching your going to need them ALL the time! And a change is as good as a rest. 

Monday, 28 October 2013


YES! its been bloody ages since I have put anything up on here, I know I'm a very very bad person. However I have been mildly panicking stylistically wondering blindly in the dark wearing terrible mixtures of sequins and capes, time travelling through the decades drawing inspiration from all source's and as normal wearing a lot of hats.
But now I have come out the other side, I am grasping my winter style by 
both hands and it seems to be developing into a gently eighties does forties vibe. So Good!
But before I share any of these latest developments here is a sneak preview of some of the work I have been doing lately. These pictures are for the branding for the production company I am involved in called Go Go Kimono, and these are the un edited photos, a blogger EXCLUSIVE! Art directed by Laura Kate O Rourke and photographed by Felicia Hawor. Model me! lol. let me know what you think and which one is your favourite.
Over and out, (promise not for as long this time).