Friday, 3 May 2013

Post Punk.

Dip dyed seem to be rapidly descending into being the 21st version of tie dye, but without the amazing psychedelic soundtrack. Anyway on this theme did anyone see Vivienne Westwood's models dip dyed nails....... uber fucking cute, I'm totally going to find away of re creating this at home!!

On the subject of good old Viv Westwood the lucky employees at Virgin are getting a uniform overhaul with these very 50's inspired air hostess uniforms designed by the Dame herself. Although I love this silhouette and any re design has got to be better than any of it's 90's incarnations, I am a little disappointed that its so fucking predictable, I mean come on Viv you were part of the Punk movement and now you are part of a re-design that makes women in this role look just how you would fucking expect them to. BORING.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Afternoon tea?

Told you I have been wafting through life looking like a granny from an array of different ages, today I'm 1940's to the absolute max, complete with headscarf and comfortable shoes! 
Todays accessories, I have never ever been a gold kind of girl but lately I'm really appreciating the tacky beauty of the stuff!

And since I'm dressed like a 40's granny I thought I would include this cute images of Tunnoks caramel biscuit things, a workmate brought them in for everyone. How bloody vintage in the packaging, the colours, the cute pic of the boys face, they are the most stylish biscuit. Afternoon tea anyone? 


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Norman Parkinson

For some reason the last through days I have rocked dangerously between a prim 1940's look, inspired by Miss Marple and her glamorous ladies which I watched on Saturday (lol) and a 1960's air hostess kind of vibe. All looks have included hats. 

Anyway as I while away my week in a flurry of slightly odd vintage outfits, here is a documentary about one of the most influential fashion photographers of the last century, his career spanning over fifty years. As well as some very insightful interviews, this programme has A LOT of juicy vintage pictures from 30's fashion upwards. Amazing and a must see.

Here is a few of his images to get you in the mood!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Stupid Rules.

Stupid rules have always really bloody angered me. For example, why are sequins or glitter only meant for evening wear? Logically something so reflective will be better appreciated in the light!!! Clearly there are many more slightly more serious rules that are so out dated, or just plan stupid, but when it come to you clothes don't be dictated too, whether its your apparent, age, gender, or social group that's trying to put constraints on your look, its up to you to ignore it and break free, you don't need permission!