Friday, 20 April 2012

Old news and granny jumpers…..

On my walk around Brighton today (it was sunny and I needed some exercise) I walked past a charity shop having a closing down sale, everything one pound! Hence three new jumpers to add to my vast collection!
Love how this lilac one is home knitted and has an open knit which means I can layer over interesting prints/textures for full affect!
Couldn’t resist this royal blue number, the thinness of it means I can layer it under high waisted pieces, as most of jumpers are mega chunky.

How cute is this nighties copy of a sixties bed jacket, forever loving the Peter Pan collar and fondant colour.

Here is todays weird take on trying to get dressed, I’m wearing fishnets here, which I felt soooooo self-conscious in when I left the house due to my rather short playsuit (worn underneath jumper) however I feel like my jumper and boots cancelled out the potential of looking like a bit of a slut!

Ok, this song has been around a couple of months but I simply can’t get enough of this song…… Artic Monkeys I will always love you.  Totally old news but if you’re looking for some indie satisfaction then check out their current album. I know I am not cool. But I like what I like.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Welcome back

Yes, believe it or not... it is me (Alanna). No I haven't forgotten, or neglected my duties. I've been very busy moving into a new place. So while my flat is in the development stage, here's some music to keep you entertained.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Confusion, curls and electro beats

Oh just another week in life of a very stressed individual…………. However whatever troubles you face as shallow as it sounds a little bit of creativity always manage to drag me away from my own head for at least a few minutes. Sweet relief! However worried I have been, and lack of sleep AND an ear infection good things have happed. A lovely lady who I work with gave me two pairs of coloured Mary Quant tights, win! Alanna and I were reunited for a day when I went to visit her lovely new flat, and raided the charity shops there. I found this amazing vintage leather, fringed jacket. Which I am completely. in . love. with. I also found this amazing blouse which has the cuffs and collar worthy of Noel Feilding or some similar expressive type. I picked up this cute metal bow for fifty pence. I love charity shops!!!

Today I kind of went a bit darker with my look, I’m all curled hair (which I’m very pleased with) dark red lippy and grungy jodhpur boots. If you can’t face the world due to awkwardness then I say wear more make up to cover it up!

And to finish I’ve been feeling a bit of electro lately. Although I did go see Bombay Bicycle Club last night with a bunch of twelve year olds it seemed.  Everyone has heard of College due to their hit song ‘real hero’ from the film Drive where they collaborated with electric youth. But here is a link to their other tracks, fun beats and fun times to follow!