Saturday, 28 September 2013

Sneak peak.

This is an image from part of the shoot I did yesterday! Boom, shame this is just a image ripped of my phone not even one of the proper ones! Look closely and you can see this is a veiled beanie! You know how much we love a hybrid here at It's Hideous I love It and if you want to bag one yourself then head on down to Snoopers Attic. Which is the shop for some serious fashspiration!  

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Smiling on.....

The sun was out as I wondered out to do some errands. While getting ready i felt relaxed, was in no rush, then I saw it, my embroidered dress complete with flowers and my favourite shade of blue. It was waiting for at the back of my wardrobe, disregarded all summer looking for the day when it would be rediscovered on a warm autumn day. So dig deep people, what do you have waiting for you to rediscover at the bottom of your wardrobe. To be reinterpreted into a completely new vibe. I am too excited to wear this with over the knee boots and a folky shawl. Hello autumn.  

Monday, 23 September 2013

Stylistic Abyss.

Yep this happened, had one of those mornings where the entire contents of my wardrobe end up on the floor. I hate all my clothes, none of them look right on me as well as having no idea how to put then together. Come on people you have all been there, a complete emptiness regarding clothes, with any lack of emotional or creative flair! Bad times! I would describe this look as unfortunately looking like a folk panto pirate. That's not good is it?! Oh well as a friend of mine says style it out. It's going to take a Whole lot of styling to make this work.