Friday, 23 March 2012

Be like me.

With all this sunshine I have been starting to daydream about festival fashion, I love the dressing up and shabby elements that you can bring to your outfits when dancing in a field! That and all the glitter make up anyway, what festival outfit would be complete without a floral headband, ive been meaning to make one for like ever and here it is……..

Since it’s been a little drier with these spring like days I’ve finally been able to crack out my pale pink boat shoes, hooray!
The message has never been clearer- BE LIKE ME, as shown on this t shirt I scribbled on last night with fabric felt tip pens……. Go on create your own message.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

The sun WILL come out tomorrow.

With all this sun we have had lately I have been lusting after some new sunnies since January! Found this pair in Snoopers Paradise yesterday for three pounds! Bargain! So basically the weather has to carry on being lovely now so I can wear them. Complete with todays folky outfit it's been a lovely day!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Back with heart.

Apologies, I have been rather slack this last week, don’t know why but I seem to have lost the feeling that I have any right to comment on clothes and style the last week! However I am back, I’m trying and I have a couple of lovely new pieces as well!
A brief discussion on hearts………….. Anyone seen Marina and the Diamonds new video? This is a complete copy of her, I’ll hold up my hands to that! Don’t you just love it?

I have been lusting after a camo jacket for ages, urban outfitters have a version which is like thirty quid, I got this for a tenner from a charity shop! Result!

Fair Isle style print crop top, you know I’m obsessed with crops tops and hooray this one is so satisfying!

Fake Louis Vuitton bag, I would never ever normally go for this kind of thing however I love the shape and how worn this bag looks……. Shabby chic!

The last few days outfits…………..