Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Back with heart.

Apologies, I have been rather slack this last week, don’t know why but I seem to have lost the feeling that I have any right to comment on clothes and style the last week! However I am back, I’m trying and I have a couple of lovely new pieces as well!
A brief discussion on hearts………….. Anyone seen Marina and the Diamonds new video? This is a complete copy of her, I’ll hold up my hands to that! Don’t you just love it?

I have been lusting after a camo jacket for ages, urban outfitters have a version which is like thirty quid, I got this for a tenner from a charity shop! Result!

Fair Isle style print crop top, you know I’m obsessed with crops tops and hooray this one is so satisfying!

Fake Louis Vuitton bag, I would never ever normally go for this kind of thing however I love the shape and how worn this bag looks……. Shabby chic!

The last few days outfits…………..

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