Wednesday, 26 June 2013

jeans and a f***ing t shirt.

Look at this! Look at it, my shameful attempt of an outfit for the day. With the uncommitted weather situation as well a massive "I have nothing to wear" day, this is what happened. This! Some people can really rock it, jeans and a t shirt, they look really cool and effortless. But its so weird on me, its like you strip of my vintage dresses and floral madness and what are you left with? However it is good to challenge yourself and have a stylistic change from what your use too, I'm sure todays panic attack outfit will turn into something else entirely in my mind. But right now I have to go to work, in jeans and f***ing t shirt.

1 comment:

Ross Mountney said...

It's not what you wear but the attitude with which you wear it! I see you're giving it some attitude! ;) xx