Friday, 10 May 2013

I am in love.

I have found it, one of those life changing outfits, the one you fall in love with but wonder, do you really have balls to pull it off? Will people laugh, stare or worse comment. Forgive me being so dramatic but some clothes really do enhance your life, perhaps they are just comfy, maybe they make you smile, or as in this case they are so bloody crazy that you cannot resist their rainbow charms.
1970's American two piece, life will never be the same again.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

*WARNING* Explicit Lady Content

Now Guys, stick with me.

I find it funny how most men (not all) seem to cower at the smallest mention of The Crimson Wave, getting the painters in, The Blob (gross) or just That time of the month. As soon as a woman wakes up with that bloated feeling, roaring headache, crippling cramps and pissed off attitude, the rest of the week you are popping back and forth from the loo and the guys just don’t want to know… understandable.

Well now, with thanks to Tampax and Always, neither do I.

These adverts freak me out. At first the premise seems OK. Mother Nature calling around every month whether it’s unexpected or not, and the female is fine as she has prepared for such events. But seriously, Mother Nature asking a young lady “is it rough?” with the response of “not this time Mother Nature. It’s smooth!” or “I've got your monthly gift” as she presents an unopened present. Why make these adverts so camp? It’s scientific and perfectly natural, women can easily talk to each other about it and it shouldn't be embarrassing. Do we really want a rodeo maxi pad or diagrams of how much blue liquid can be absorbed? I mean, come on, that’s just a bit weird, especially as I innocently tucking into my toast on a Wednesday morning. I don’t need that, and I don’t need a demonstration; I just need you to tell me that they work. Why put me in more of a mood than I already am?

Add to this, the fact that these range of products are a necessity late into your life, I don’t care how much you try to glamorise them, you don’t want to buy them, you have to buy them.

Men, do you know how much money a woman spends on lady toiletries? A LOT. Personally, I believe they should be given free off the NHS. ‘The Tampon Tax’, if you will. And I'm starting to wonder why it’s never been suggested before…

I blame Thatcher.

Do you ever?

Do you ever get that thing that half way through the day you will just want to change your outfit, because now what you are wearing suddenly seems wrong, boring or really outdated? I think to avoid this my outfit seems rather simple, with a hint of 50's in this homemade dress and hand customised cardigan. I've been avoiding anything modern lately and switching between looks from different decades. But fuck it next time a get dressed it going to be layers, crazy prints (lots of them) make up and a ton of jewellery. I mean anyone that is of any interest stylistically often has big transformations, it's just that normally by the time they are famous they have come up with there best one so they end up sticking with it! I'm going to go clothes mad!  Watch the space.....
A man who knows a lots about transformations.........

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

NOT an old lady.

You missed out here guys, I ended up completing this look with a hideous 1960's granny hat, which a rude lady commented on by saying " that's an old lady hat" in which I replied "good job I'm not an old lady then" Not there would be anything wrong with an mature woman rocking a vintage hat. Silly bloody woman. Anyway todays vibe really had a 60's nod, but with a Dutch thing happening too........... Just go where your clothes take you.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Fairport Convention.

The floral theme continues (when doesn't it) this time in a more folky 70's manor, this could have something to do with me listening to Fairport Convention this morning, anyway, the sun makes me want colour and more simple accessories. So lets all pretend we are in California in and it's 1972, well that's what I will be doing anyway. Where have Stevie Nicks and my imaginary fringed Kimono gone? 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Power to the Flower

I know, I know, they are the most traditional fucking accessory, but I adore them, can't get enough of flowers, they just make me happy OK??! This particular floral delight is a prototype hat I made a couple of days ago, I know that you will be excited to hear that they will be on sale soon haha. Now I will make this point yet again, I felt like an complete loon stepping out to work wearing this hat, but I persevered as it seemed like a bit of a dare to myself, but I so enjoyed wearing it, and its ridiculous element made me smile every time I looked it the mirror. So whatever the reason if YOU love it WEAR it. Apologies for these images! My photography is getting better, promise.