Friday, 2 March 2012

New thing!!!

I am so excited! Yesterday on my walk to Aldi (lol) I found this weird little vintage/music shop that was having a change round. You know those shops that you’re almost a little bit scared to go in, as they half look like everything is of the back of a lorry and it seems to be slight leering old men or a crazy old granny that run them. Anyway I found this amazingly cute suede jacket for just eight pounds! After I thought why the hell did I not haggle?! Well eight pounds in a bargain anyway, new outfit ideas ahoy!

I do seem to be all about the hair accessories this week, I really fancied a 50’s style turban today or ‘cleaning lady headscarf’ as someone nicely pointed out to me on the street. How lush is the print on this scarf?

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Rings and Vests!

It’s such a strange time to be dressing for, the sun is shining and it’s a little warmer, but still rather cold around the edges meaning you can’t crack out any really summery things and you still have to consider layers, I still don’t think I’ve been brave enough to go without a vest! Hence todays look-
Dress, jumper, boots-Charity shop
Rings- Snoopers paradise
I’ve had a few extra shifts lately and I’ve been gagging for some new rings, I’ve always wanted to be one of those glamorous girls that wear lots of rings!

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Flowers and secretaries!

I fear I’m starting to dress like a secretary…… well I certainly do today, one from the nineties but with strange details, where if I was a secretary of a school I would probably get asked to leave!  You can’t even tell anyway with this awful quality image. Anyway there is some hope, I thought I would crack out the floral headband as nothing makes me happier, part secretary part festival chic!
Jacket- junk shop
Shirt,skirt,cardie-charity shop
Brothel creepers- Urban Outfitters
Headband- reading fest circa 2010!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Just some pretty things

All together probably cost about £10 =D

Love Alanna x

I Love Brownies

Found this gorgeous brownie film camera to add to my collection. The case was a little broken, but I'm sure it's nothing a little super glue and a new buckle won't fix. Also it was a steal at £4.50.

Love Alanna x

oops... Sorry!

HELLO! Alanna here. I have neglected the Blog for some time, much to Chelsea's disappointment, therefore I have to apologise. However, this does give me opportunity to share some of the stuff I have found/collected during the last few weeks. Also some exciting news as I may have found a lovely little studio flat with the B/F, which can only mean one thing... more charity shop shopping, thrift store diving and treasure hunting. Result!

Wearing my heart on my....... jeans?!

Dear oh dear……. I hate these phases, the ones where I actually have no idea what to put on in the morning! Now this sounds weird but I normally find that being hungover somehow brings out certain randomness in my outfits, however that didn’t happen today! After a complete fail of an evening last night, todays outfit just didn’t happen. However the slightly warmer temperatures allowed me to crack out this wicked 90’s blazer which gives a nod to equestrian style, I love this jacket! And check out one of my favourite necklace, granny love!

I got a bit funky with my old grey skinnies on Sunday night, I’ve been all inspired by the spring colours and all the lovely printed jeans that I thought I’d give my own version a go. It was just a easy peasy potato print heart, using liquid fabric paint, and then a fabric felt as the outline. What do you think?

Monday, 27 February 2012

Today’s outfit attempt!
I seem to be going through this major kind of eighties phase, which depresses me as it’s such a current street trend, but oh well! I’m all jumpers over shirts, over leggings or a skirt, with brothel creepers or Jodhpur boots………. Just move on! Luckily I’m attending the new monthly swish event at the Blind Tiger this Sunday so inspiration here I come!
Jumper- Primark
Shirt- jumble sale
Skirt- charity shop, was a midi length which I’m all for but I fancies something cheekier, so I took the scissors to them!
Brothel Creepers- Urban Outfitters

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Lead the revolution!

In our recession ridden times…… blah blah blah, it occurs to me that suddenly being  ‘thrifty has become in vogue. Highlighted by the scary miss money penny in channel four’s Superscrimpers: make do and mend  programme. However on closer inspection most of the housey, and customising tips are ideas that us mere poor people have been doing for years……… I mean in one episode they drew a heart on a black t shirt using bleach, I discovered the fun of bleach when I was about thirteen! Now although I love the make do and mend attitude, I find this programme so tame!
Why can’t make do and mending be presented in a current, trend led manner, something in which enables to be more resourceful and therefore creative. Not sweet old grannies using lemon to clean their taps (which is a great tip I may add) Let’s make this movement for our generation; it’s a blessing in disguise……. Now take the scissors to your t shits, the bleach to your jeans and turn that curtain into a dress, the time is now!!!!!

Today’s outfit attempt-
I tell you what I’m bloody sick of layers now…. Take this outfit for example, perfectly cute and simple with an added cardigan and jacket, i have run out of ideas on how to work layers! It must be so easy to dress when you work in a heated office and get driven door to door, I work in a freezing and drafty shop, roll on spring days!
Vintage school blazer- Portobello market
Granddad cardigan/dungarees/jodhpur boots/bag- charity shop
Necklace- by Future Folklore