Friday, 2 March 2012

New thing!!!

I am so excited! Yesterday on my walk to Aldi (lol) I found this weird little vintage/music shop that was having a change round. You know those shops that you’re almost a little bit scared to go in, as they half look like everything is of the back of a lorry and it seems to be slight leering old men or a crazy old granny that run them. Anyway I found this amazingly cute suede jacket for just eight pounds! After I thought why the hell did I not haggle?! Well eight pounds in a bargain anyway, new outfit ideas ahoy!

I do seem to be all about the hair accessories this week, I really fancied a 50’s style turban today or ‘cleaning lady headscarf’ as someone nicely pointed out to me on the street. How lush is the print on this scarf?

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Ross Mountney said...

Gorgeous jacket - gorgeous girl!