Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A weekend of hats and being Pocahontas!

After an uneventful week my style substance has been lacking however on Sunday after attending the swishing event I’ve found some lovely new pieces, so look forward to seeing those styled up very soon……..
Saturday 9am, I took a rather eighties, manly stance on my outfit to help me deal with the day, balanced out by my lovely teacup necklace.

6pm, A meeting of friends summarised by the fact that we all wearing hats!

11pm, I hate fancy dress, but my house mates penguin outfit made me feel under dressed… hence my take on the classic Pocahontas look. ( you cant even see my fringed ankle boots in this picture!)

Sunday, 12am again the hat is glued to my head for the swishing event, and horray for my man brogues I’d forgotten how much I loved them.

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