Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Fashion Reference Treason.

God I'm glad that Siouxsie Sioux is not dead, because if she was she would be turning in her grave. Has anyone seen the Dear Siouxsie collection for Topshop? A selection of "punk" inspired clothing? It actually makes me shudder. Yeah we are all inspired by things, historical references, blah blah blah. However there is only so much watered down awfulness I can take. You could argue that all design or fashion is petered down from strong stylistic references. God knows I display inspirations visually all the time. However there is a massive difference between the individual wearing black eye liner and back combing their hair because  they just watched a Cure video, to massive super brand delivering a very poor adaptation of the look known as Punk. I feel sick, excuse while I go vomit up musical references.


Thursday, 5 December 2013

Change your look as often as your knickers.

Ok so I'm sitting in a dressing room at New Venture Theatre applying way to much make up, wearing a scimpy summer outfit. Nice. I would never ever, EVER show this much flesh in my real life, but a change is as good as a rest. That's the thing about style, it can change depending on boring stuff like the weather or a new piece. But everything in your entire life affects how you present yourself. Heartache and love, a new job, a new band a new discovery, whatever. The point is that that's great! Embrace it! Change your look as often as you change your knickers! Be affected. I realised that the last two weeks I have either dressed like a bloke kinda 30's does 80's or a bit of a 60's schoolgirl. My clothes are actually screaming I am so vulnerable and Girly. Or look how strong I am, go on I dare you, challenge me! And you know what? That's ok. It's gonna change again. 

Friday, 15 November 2013

Faux hipster ramblings.

What is it with 'hipster' term which keeps getting banded about?! Is hipster the new scenester? Does it just mean that you take an interest in art and creativity and you let that influence your entire life? Or are you a hipster if you just take a interest in style? Or perhaps it means you hang out in cute coffee shops and in 'alternative' clubs  How would I know? I mean I spend the majority of my time learning lines, writing, sewing and bothering people about giving me acting work. Well in between that and playing at working in a shop! Anyway today's look is a 1960's pirate princess kinda vibe as a work mate so kindly pointed out.  

Saturday, 9 November 2013

DIY Tartan.

Oh wet and windy weather when  you cease? As the season plays havoc with any kind of outfit planning I've been trying to ignore it by just putting massive coats or raincoats over the top of whatever I'm wearing. FIT. With the endless tarten that has hit every inch of the high street I've been wearing this jacket constantly. I've had it since I was sixteen. It was three pounds?!? I know I'm a lucky girl. Also in a mini rebellion I decided to give my hair a bit of a DIY blue rinse at home it's gone a grannyish grey colour. And I can wash out the rebellion as quickly as I put it in. In terms of normality this outfit is pretty dull for me. However it's merit is its cuteness. Sometimes good shapes and pieces you love is all you need. 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


You know what I hate? Well I mean there are long list of things, sexism, mean people, meat, shit pop music but anyway today's hate is directed at the blues. Not the colour, the all consuming feeling of every thing being completely POINTLESS! However this is never the way it stays and while I stay locked up in my room trying to push my work forward and create actual career opportunities. I realised that listening to the entire back catalog of The Smiths and The Cure was probs not the way to cheer myself up, due to every fourteen year old in the western world having been through a similar phase. So to counter balance this behaviour I decided to stick stickers to things and and make friendship braclets. Oh and pretty much dress like a angst ridden school girl. Now some might call this self indulgent and some might say a regression. However sometimes we just have to focus on small little things that make us happy not all the big scary things we need to overcome. So give me a couple of days and I'll be back to leading a small revolution, I just need some more time to listen to Morissy and make hair accessories. Thanks.

I decided to do something different wih days outfit, here is a diss jointed account of the look....

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Be Coated.

The positive thing about the change if season is re-discovering all the pieces you have neglected over the last months. There is something endlessly exciting to me about jackets and coats. They have the power to change an entire look and feel of an outfit. By adding more structure or a complete contrast of colour, or just a juxtaposing style to already predictable outfit. Not to be underestimated! This stunner of a jacket was a gift from a friend.... I know I have great friends! Really ups the ante of this late nineties vibe. I'm so in love with it. Sigh! So the morale of the story is, go crazy with your coats! Look out for cheapy charity shop treats, you may not wear them all the every day but with the winter approaching your going to need them ALL the time! And a change is as good as a rest. 

Monday, 28 October 2013


YES! its been bloody ages since I have put anything up on here, I know I'm a very very bad person. However I have been mildly panicking stylistically wondering blindly in the dark wearing terrible mixtures of sequins and capes, time travelling through the decades drawing inspiration from all source's and as normal wearing a lot of hats.
But now I have come out the other side, I am grasping my winter style by 
both hands and it seems to be developing into a gently eighties does forties vibe. So Good!
But before I share any of these latest developments here is a sneak preview of some of the work I have been doing lately. These pictures are for the branding for the production company I am involved in called Go Go Kimono, and these are the un edited photos, a blogger EXCLUSIVE! Art directed by Laura Kate O Rourke and photographed by Felicia Hawor. Model me! lol. let me know what you think and which one is your favourite.
Over and out, (promise not for as long this time).

Saturday, 5 October 2013

So underdressed, I'm not wearing a hat!

I went for drinks at a shitty pub last night, I would almost go as far to say that it was chavy. Anyway this is what I wore, now I realise this is not what most people would  consider a relaxed look. But the mood took me so hence this thirties vibe! The thing is that I would go to Asda dressed like this or to work, or just the pub, whatever! The point is fuck whatever is deemed appropriate or normal for those situations if you love it wear it. Anyway it's totally casual I'm not wearing a hat! 

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Sneak peak.

This is an image from part of the shoot I did yesterday! Boom, shame this is just a image ripped of my phone not even one of the proper ones! Look closely and you can see this is a veiled beanie! You know how much we love a hybrid here at It's Hideous I love It and if you want to bag one yourself then head on down to Snoopers Attic. Which is the shop for some serious fashspiration!  

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Smiling on.....

The sun was out as I wondered out to do some errands. While getting ready i felt relaxed, was in no rush, then I saw it, my embroidered dress complete with flowers and my favourite shade of blue. It was waiting for at the back of my wardrobe, disregarded all summer looking for the day when it would be rediscovered on a warm autumn day. So dig deep people, what do you have waiting for you to rediscover at the bottom of your wardrobe. To be reinterpreted into a completely new vibe. I am too excited to wear this with over the knee boots and a folky shawl. Hello autumn.  

Monday, 23 September 2013

Stylistic Abyss.

Yep this happened, had one of those mornings where the entire contents of my wardrobe end up on the floor. I hate all my clothes, none of them look right on me as well as having no idea how to put then together. Come on people you have all been there, a complete emptiness regarding clothes, with any lack of emotional or creative flair! Bad times! I would describe this look as unfortunately looking like a folk panto pirate. That's not good is it?! Oh well as a friend of mine says style it out. It's going to take a Whole lot of styling to make this work.  

Monday, 16 September 2013

Style schizophrenia.

Seriously I have fashion schizophrenia! I've really been enjoying jeans! Got a new pair of high waisted eighties Marks and Sparks classics. Fab for when feeling boyish. But look at the last couple of days we have gone from me as a child in the 90's, a modern Jimi Hendrix vibe, followed by a crazy eighties does twenties look. Honestly my fashion compass is broken. But hey who cares?! 

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The boredom of the new season.

I'm afraid I have rather been whimping out of posting the last few days. Some times you just loose confidence in your choices. Anyway I decided to show you and buck up my ideas!  Today's assult consists of a nightie, with reproduction military jacket, scarf tied into a turban and black topshop platform boots. I keep getting that feeling of loving a look as I leave the house and by the time I've been wearing it an hour I want to hide away in shame!  I had only just got use to dressing for the heat and now it's chilled right down I'm totally lost again! 

Talking of the seasonal change I'm finding the aw13 trends about as exciting as a sack of potatoes. That's not even the worst of it, fashion magazines just succeed in angering me at the moment. They just seem to be producing features that are watered down, overdone ideas, I could weep with boredom. Saying that they are only showcasing the top designers work so in fact I will redirect my disgust at them. I'm going to go on the look out for a new season collection I actually like, I'll let you know when I do. So lets pave the way of individualism NOT force fed mass produced rubbish! 

Saturday, 7 September 2013

I love it when I look comes together!

I bloody love it when a look comes together (Forgive me for using this word) organically! And that's what happened today I knew that I wanted to wear this dress, it was raining so I put my latest favourite hat on and this kimono goes with everything! And so this seventies does thirties oriental magic happened! So exciting when it develops like that!!! This outfit makes me so happy, in fact just prints I love and colours I adore make my day that little bit more bearable and if anything will get me through the hideousness of today's working day it will be nice clothes! 

Friday, 6 September 2013

New ideas for aw13!

Ok things have got a little dull, with the aw13 trends upon us of course there are some of the boring, crack out every year trends. So lets shake thing up a little and look for inspiration in other places. Here are some ideas and tips to get you started! 

Expect the unexpected! 
We are so spoon fed that we buy clothes from certain places as this is deemed appropriate! Dam that rule, there are cool pieces to be Be Found everywhere, you just have to open your eyes! Like cute schoolgirl socks in the pound shop, the menswear section in charity shops are fab for oversized shirts that you can wear as a dress belted or open as an alternative jacket, or make it Girly and tie and ribbon around the collar into a bow, circa Chanel! Army shops and men's work wear are cool for picking up bits too. Just open your eyes, it does not matter where it's from or what it's meant for its how you can rock it that counts!

Forget sizing! 
When I go into a shop I completely ignore sizing, it so opens your mind to alternative shapes and ways of wearing things. Oversized is always ├╝ber cool but also shrunken can be mega cute too. Kids clothes can be approached as well as dresses or coats that are far too big. Even if you don't have the sewing skills a great belt can do wonders for Making a baggy top into a dress, and a dressing gown into a coat. So chuck size out of the window and focus on colour, pattern and good design! 

Explore randomly! 
Fashion magazines are not the only places to gain fashspiration apart from the high street, I adore looking at old knitting patterns cos the colours and combo's are mega cringe but so cute. Look at old books in charity shops, I recently got a book on twenties fashion illustration for 1.49! Family photo albums can be great for vintage inspiration, as well as a laugh. But seriously there are stylistic ideas to be drawn from most things. Whether its the colours in your salad or the hat of an old lady in Midsummer Murders, embrace these random bouts of inspiration! 

People are always scared to attempt any sort of customising if they are not a skilled sewer but you don't need skills, just vision! It seriously does not matter if there are raw edges or fastening pinned with a brooch or a button sewn on with the wrong coloured thread. Those rules are for the boring ! Sure some clothes need to be be smart. But sometimes a change is needed and it's needed quickly, so crack out those scissors and get creating! 

Borrow, swap, find! 
Ok now don't judge me but I'm going to say something a little weird now. My favourite black felt hat I found next to a bin. Yep I know your thinking WTF? Are you a weird bag lady? The thing is people dump furniture or clothes next to bins all the time and as long as you know it's meant for the bin and you can take it home and wash it then everyone is winning! You got something for free, you have saved another item from going to landfill so recycling, as well as reviving an unwanted item. It's not gross it's Eco friendly. So open your stylistic senses up to your mums or grannies wardrobe too as well as your dads. Me and my sister share a lot of clothes, so she will borrow it for a few months and then bring it back. We know that's our agreement so that's cool! If you gain people's trust then it's a fab way to experience different pieces without having to buy them! 

So the morale of the story is open your eyes and trust your own taste! Even I every fashion mag says its wrong it probs won't be in a years time anyway. And ignore sensible friends opinions they will come round. So you keep going with your stylistic adventure and let me know how you get on! 

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Angry and cute x

We are so far experiencing a gorgeous September right? But that begs the question what does a girl wear in this heat when she's all ready to crack on with some autumn trends and wear the cheap winter items she bought in the summer? I'm keeping hooked on my late 60's vibe although I'm gagging to have a change! Think I'm going to dye my hair natural blond and wear a lot more oversized collars and floppy hats.  Mixed in with a quant vibe. I better get sewing right? On the upside I do have these amazing sunglasses I bought of eBay a few weeks ago that only came lately. Perfect mixture of angry and cute. Pretty much sums me up! 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

I'm back with GLITTER!

Apologies, I know it's been a while, it's been a odd couple of weeks what with a trip to the countryside, a mad sewing spree of a new collection, finishing a little film as well as turning a year older! It's been odd! Anyway I'm back, older but not wiser in a 60's inspired Pastel delight. Look I had a clothing crisis ok?! It was a battle ground of homemade dresses that I've worn ten thousand times already this summer and undynamic mini skirt and blouse combinations! However there is one good thing to come of today's look. The silver GLITTER shoes! GLITTER SHOES! I'm not even that Girly but you can't not tell me that glitter is not the best thing ever. To top it off they were a pound from a car boot sale and they are actually meant for ballroom dancers. Now if these shoes are not an argument for opening your mind to alternative  places to shop as well as using items for a different use then I don't know what is.

Friday, 30 August 2013

How to walk down the street and feel proud of what you are wearing!

Just walked down London road which is a rougher street of Brighton to go food shopping with my granny trolley. A little like taking your life into your own hands when your wearing your latest creation made out of some seventies curtains! But here are some top tips for not giving a shit about what other people think of your clothes! 

If someone is staring, just assume they bloody love your attire and desperately wish the had chosen to wear something similar that day. If it really is a recognisable WTF look then they are probs wearing a track suit or just are to small minded to appreciate your amazing attire.

When someone shouts something they assume clever like "nice curtains" then they are a dick because some of the best fabrics have been furnishing fabrics from the last century and just because they have never been anywhere apart from their nans living room is not your fault. And if you happen to have a bit of flesh on show and some charming chap decides to shout nice legs or whatever then feel sorry for them. As they are either that sex starved to find that a turn on or just so unintelligent that they don't understand it's a actual LOOK.

For combatting everyday places like the corner shop or your walk to work it's best just to stick your headphones in and get on with it. Either that or call your mum and look that dam busy organising your incredibly busy trendy life that you must be mega important and influential to be dressed the way you are. And remember most people are too busy focusing on their little lives to notice. 

And always ALWAYS remember that if you love it then Fuck everyone else cos it must mean its the hottest thing if you have chosen to wear it that day. If you are making it a look then it's a look. Better than blending in with the rest of the humdrum public.

And if all else fails then lovely old ladies will either stare at you in shock! Bless them! Or smile at you and say they love your outfit as it reminds then of something they use to wear! 

Finally........ If you have evoked a reaction it means you have done something, created a wearable piece of art, or something new and exciting and I salute you! You visionary you! 

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Creating art while stacking shelves.

You know what's annoying? Life!? Haha I'm not in a particularly bad mood. However having just spent the day working in my pay the rent job I realised how much crap we have inflicted on us every two seconds of our day. Like the lady who is on her lunch break who's pissed off because I don't know where she can find a brass turtle in the giant indoor market that I work in. Or the man who gives me a look that says I wish you had chucked yourself under a train last night, because you can't give me any more discount. Biggest hate to every condecending meanie who assumes that I work in a shop because I have no qualifications or ambition and clearly no drive to do anything in my life. How wrong could you all be. If only you knew?!

 Every time I buy a coffee I know your pain. You work here while you write you amazing new book. When I buy I pint  you can see the lyrics to the Barmans lastest track running in front of his eyes just gagging to get back to his guitar. 

Giving the current climate pretty much our entire generation are working In pay their rent and get by jobs while they follow their dream career. Hooray for us all, we are the next generation of incredible creatives. Future masterpieces, underground hits, the trend setters, brave journalists, visionary writers and awe inducing actors. We will provide the inspiration for the next load of angst ridden teenagers and the more mature generation alike. We are brave, so keep stacking those shelves and staying up all night to finish your latest project. I will be thinking of you while crying into my sandwich at lunch time. (Only joking I don't get lunch breaks, I'm too busy planning my next creative endeavour) x

Need some chilled inspiration? Check out this magazine online, Tavi Genison the curator of this started all this when she was thirteen! So no excuses for not doing what you want! X

Saturday, 24 August 2013


Had a sewing spree last night, trying to define some new pieces for a autum winter mini collection, so here is one of my prototypes (dresses for myself made under the excuse that they are a prototype) rocking it with school socks, platforms and a gorgeous 60's leather jacket. How I adore these muted colours! What will be your autum look?! 

Friday, 23 August 2013

This movement starts NOW.

Where is our subculture? What culturally defines our generation? What sets us apart? We have horribly mass produced clothing led by massive fashion houses with no concept of what real people can afford or want to wear. Where is our music? Bland chart successes that overtly manufacture to reach their maximum audience. What about political decisions made on behalf of us by the rich few who have  had to live off such limited means. Are we going to sit down quietly and swallow this mundanity which is offered to us? What are we waiting for? You need permission? I'm giving you permission, what do you want to do? Make a film? Form a fashion label? Write a play? Start your own business? Band? Movement? What is it, what moves you? Yeah we all need to pay our rent and feed ourselves but bigger than that we need to satisfy ourselves by creating. Creating something for us, a sound, look, image, brand, whatever?! The time is now and we have the freedom. We have the power of the Internet and more knowledge available than ever before. You are not alone, the current economic climate is dissatisfying more and more of us. We are all the result of beatniks, hippies, punks and ravers. A hundred different subcultures have gone before us and we can encapulate and exploit every one of them for inspirational means. I want to hear from you, are you a musician, designer, photographer, writer, actor, choreographer, singer, artist, visionary? Let's join together and coin this movement, lets support, write about, be inspired by and collaborate. Together we have the means to do this. What's your latest idea? Need a creative forum? To meet more artists like yourself?

Email our company at gogokimono@gmail.com

We don't just want you to 'like' what we are doing on Facebook, we want to hear about you and your projects! Act and create NOW.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Style train.

I'm basically missing some velvet flares and a floppy felt hat from my life right now. This is why this outfit happened. It's a channelling of Jimi Hendrix, if he was a female and alive today then he maybe would wear this kind off get up. Probs not a punky David Bowie t shirt if anything he would be digging Mick Ronson. Who knows maybe he did. Anyway I'm so on a 60's/70s stylistic train right now and it's so nice to acknowledge your direction and go with it, it will change drastically once again and it will just seem like a hazy clothed dream. 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Mirage of colour.

Look at this a blatant throw everything on in some mild late sixties manner. But I love it, I love this nightie like cheesecloth dress, this eighties felt hat, and mandarin style shirt. All great pieces, lush colours! Clothes should have humour, a massive sense of fun, be a pleasure to wear and a visual statement of what you are loving that day. If you focus on this then getting dressed can always be a complete sensory activity, not a chore. Go forward enjoy clothes!  

Monday, 19 August 2013

Men in vans. (Not trainers)

Seriously what is it about long socks that provoke men of all ages to stare and shout abuse/praise out of there unattractive white vans. Can you not see I'm rocking a youthful floral 60's look here?! It's disgusting that people feel they can reduce you as a human into something which is their sick objective. Anyway I'm not going to let close minded-ness ruin my fun. Remember it's 'fuck the rules if you love it wear it' 

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Hello Sailor.

Hello neon 1960's sailor! That's a thing right? As I refuse to wash my hair, pointless as I back combed it within an inch if its life and there is no point in washing that out strait away, hence some camp looks lately. Anyway the mixture of this 80's Laura Ashley sailor top and this 60's blazer is a bloody dream of a combination. And I'm always one for cheating a look I.e using something from a different era completely to create a certain vibe by mixing it with different items, make up, accessories. So exciting to see a item pulled together in a different way. And also I can't possibly afford all the different things I want but I can capture the idea of what I'm looking for.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Ready, Set, Sew!

I Just can't get enough if this dress it's a 1960's Marks and Spencer! It's so short that I have to wear bloomers underneath but it's worth it for the simple yolk shape and frills! Need to cut a pattern of this ASAP! Copying a design of a favourite piece is such a great way to make something you're going to adore, it's generally as simple as working out what the flat shape of the piece is and going from there. If your worried about quality start by using a old bed sheet, saying that I'm always making stuff out of old bed sheets, ones from the 50's, 60's and 70's are amazing. As are table clothes, what can you use?!!! If you like the print, weight, colour of the fabric then do it, whatever it's meant for forget it, reinvent its use, why the hell not? Go forth and sew! 

Friday, 16 August 2013


Right I've decided a new direction ready for it....... 90's does 60's  psychedelic/trashy. Now I'm not entirely sure what this involves but it will become clear. Also think I want to revamp my room to look like a 1960's vintage boutique. I mean it's not that far off it already! Plus check out my failed weird blue beehive. Hideous but I love it.    

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Granny Takes A Trip

Took myself to the museum yesterday, was pretty average. However was browsing the gorgeous books in the museum shop and came across one about the the boom in vintage boutiques during the 60's! love!!!! It's a decade that encapulates so much about experimental style. The trend for vintage really began in this era with hippies buying from the trendy Granny Takes A Trip as a reaction to the mass production of the day. Also in this era there was a shift from haute couture leading the pack to boutiques and the high street really setting the trends. There was a cultural explosion and when lacking inspiration just google Granny Takes a Trip I bet you will reconise the iconic pop art shop frontage. I'm stuck at work today but I will be pretending I'm part of this swinging scene, just minus the drugs. 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Another day, another outfit.

I think I've just become obsessed with clashing colours with my hair! Although im going to wash it tonight so I expect I'll be working with a new shade tomorrow which is exciting! I got given this yellow number which is actually meant to be a sleeveless jacket, it's from the 80's and has a matching quilted clutch bag! I've had a bit of a cold for like a week now and it shows no sign of budging. How dull. Spent the morning in bed emailing People trying to persuade them to represent me. Yawn. It's funny how trying to conform to the dullness of formal emails has dumbed my look down. Interesting! Roll on tomorrow. Another day another outfit. 

Monday, 12 August 2013

Flapper what?

Oh dear oh dear all in black, very odd. Also I matched my socks to my hair, that's new huh? Although I'm loving the contrast between my hair and this old h&m hat. What a treat. Anyway I bought a magazine this week to keep up with the rest of the world. Now don't get me wrong I adore seeing the new season collections but seriously this was a wet offer. We are fed so much drivel and led to believe that's all that out there. That's untrue! Sure we all need a helping inspirational hand sometimes. But we need to think for ourselves, dig deep and work out our own inventions, from our own incredible imaginations. Not some out of date bitchy fashion editor.   

Saturday, 10 August 2013

A dash if something different.

What is so attractive about having flowers in your hair? It's annoying given the current trend and primark producing like ten thousand, three pound floral headbands. But saying that my headband is made from flowers from the poundshop so I suppose i can't moan! I love this chilled look, homemade kimono jacket out of a fifties tablecloth and cheesecloth dress donated to me by a friend. My blue hair has deffo made me more aware of colour too. It's interesting how a small change like this hints at new ideas for looks and adds a dash of something different to your style. And that's why personal style is so great it will always develop, mould and change into something else. Even when it feels like your look is stagnent you can always rely on it changing. Without you even trying.

Friday, 9 August 2013

This is not a wig

Yeah I did it,..... Screwed all chances I getting any acting work, however my hair is now bright blue. Which for some reason sparked a sixties baby doll day. Who knew?! God I love a drastic change, so whatever you are considering just bloody do it, whether you think other people will love it too. Even if it seems like the rest if the world hates it then you know what?! You have opened some minds and are setting trends. Ready, set, go get brave.

Thursday, 8 August 2013


I've just come out the other side of a trauma. I had to go into a shopping centre, the land of nightmares. Where huge corporate companies sell their clone like looks to the entire nation while terrible electronically modified music pumps out all speakers and the temperature is controlled to be the complete opposite of whatever is actually happening outside. Forgive me for my Orwell style rant but I truly despise these places, I needed a wee so was forced to venture inside. Now you can see from my pic that it was a rather plain look today..... Trainers, TRAINERS that I bought from a charity shop mixed with homemade skirt and Bowie t shirt. A look that I consider almost dull, however during my visit of the prison they call a shopping mall people stared. Now they are the weird ones of you ask me. 

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Don't forget who you are.

This is Laura, she's a girl after my own heart and someone i consider a style icon as she has completely her own distinctive thing going on. One of the reasons I love her look is that it's completely different from mine, if we are out together she ends up looking like a Bondage witch, and me a floral vintage dream. We are an odd pair but all the more inspiring because of our creative differences. And that's why style over fashion interests me more. It's real people doing there day to day things and rocking something that is personal and approachable. So lets embrace each others differences and juxtapose each other. It makes the streets more visually interesting.

Product of surroundings.

Check me out, yesterday on the beach, no make up, hair down, wearing my homemade clothes. A weekend spent working at a cute little festival has brought out my inner chilled clearly. About time too since I spent the whole time totally stressing about EVERYTHING. Anyway it's interesting how any new surrounding affects your creative flow, much more than we realise and a tinge of inspiration can find us months later from a hint of a memory we have. This however is just me have a rare day off and actually not caring as much. Makes a change! Don't forget just because its an off day doesn't mean that you still can't look just as interesting. Just a more relaxed version! 

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Comfort blanket.

WOW grumpy today, nerves always put me in a bad mood, some kind of coping strategy. Anyway at least I can waft around looking like an Edwardian ghost in her nightie who has travelled to Asia and now owns a kimono?! That's a look right?! There is always comfort in wallowing clothes that make you smile, giggle or remind you of happier times and that is another reason I adore them.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Dress dangerously, life's too short to look a bore.

Monday morning, off to work like the rest of the world, wearing a tried and tested home made two piece with vintage kimono and forties style hair. YAWN. Lol I'm running a pop up shop at Bimble Bamdada this coming weekend, and I've realised that I have no idea of what to wear?! The thing is when you get to a festival everyone ups there game, they turn to novelty, fancy dress, drink induced combinations that fulfil crazy stylistic dreams! I spend everyday dressing like this, minus the booze of course. Why do people have to be far away from there friends, family, jobs and real life to feel free to express themselves visually? Understandably there is some social etiquette that plays into it but if the people around you are going to laugh or look down on your choices, then maybe they are not the best people to have in your life! Expressing yourself in this way is a way of enjoying something you have to endure everyday,of adding humour to a potential chore, making an artistic decision every day of your life?! How exciting does that sound? You can even re invent yourself everyday if you please. dress dangerously, life is too short to look a bore!  

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Practical dress?!

I've realised I'm starting to dress to be practical! Shock horror, what a realisation haha! I'm joking, ofcourse practicality lays a part in everyone's daily routine of self expression-the art of getting dressed.  However with the current stunning summer weather we are enjoying, I have realised how all my clothes are pretty much based around keeping warm, that and being so in love with an item that I want to marry it! I have never been a fan of faff, even though I love the details of a piece, I'm not one for jewellery that gets in the way and sleeves that dangle in your dinner. So is this practical dressing for the Heat dumming down my look? Or is it just pushing me into something new and fresh due the constraints? What do you reckon? 

Friday, 26 July 2013

The new summer essential.

I give you........ The floral bra lol! Styled in a multitude of different ways! We have the fifties pin up vibe, complete with bloomers, 1960's bed jacket and forties hat. Then the more everyday 90's summer vibe with vintage cut offs, felt hat and two different kimono's made by my own fair hand! Coming to snoopers attic soon! 
Photography-Charley Mountney