Saturday, 23 March 2013

Fantasy Dress Up

Last night my boyfriend and I drank mojito’s and watched an old bbc documentary about David Bowie. I’ve seen it like ten times, it’s started my obsession with the incredible artist that is. Anyway hence todays outfit, all in black,(most unlike me) with the disgustingly over worn wet look leggings, I’m thinking about putting an official ban on them but they do seem to be a bit of a staple. Studded office boots, oversized 80@s embroided shirt, and a hat that I found in a bin. Pure Class. Anyway it’s an obvious escape, and there is nothing wrong with your outfit resembling costume, or being part of your own personal fantasy! They say visualise to materialise but maybe lets dress for the person we want to become. Every version of them. Now go get inspired the great musical chameleon himself.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Craft just got punk.

Right I think it’s time we all got our craft on, a new season is approaching however much the fucking rain and wind tries to ruin our day, I will not give up on the hope of lovely springtime outfits! I’m thinking homemade flower headbands, cute dresses made out of old curtains, jewellery that you’ve pieced together from random charity shop bits and can actually show off because you don’t have to wear ten jumpers on top of it! To kick start I’ve got some pictures of something that makes being inside on these dark days a little bit more enjoyable…… some framed pages out of a 1950’s mag, sounds shit, but adding artwork to you walls in this manner is such a cheap way of having a change. And our ethos here at Its Hideous is all about making the everyday and the dull, interesting and inspiring!  So whatever you want to frame, do it…. Whether it’s a collage of you and your mates, your favourite ad campaign out of vogue, or just a load of letters cut from a newspaper arranged into your current mantra then give it a shot! Might as well make the walls more exciting while we are stuck inside! D.I.Y doing it yourself just not just mean fixing shit around the house, it’s about doing it your way, with your rules, so whether that is knitting yourself a tea cosy, or deciding that you’re going to steer yourself in a new direction, then get punk and do it yourself!

As you can see my take on photography is rather punk haha...... off centre placement and shit lighting! a new camera will soon be in my clutches!

And the soundtrack to your craft.......

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Actual clothes porn.

It’s strange I think, for my influences and style to be so changeable, un-surprising when you realise my acting background. But there you go. Anyway todays delight is a 90’s grungy jeans and t shirt combo really all from charity shops, as are most my things, brothel creepers from urban outfitters with a 1960’s beehive. I know?! Anyway if you’re wondering where the hairstyle came from the check out this link to the bbc’s Britain on film. They are a series of cute documentaries made in the 60’s, now with modern commentary to demonstrate how things have changed. This one in particular looks at the changing fashion industry in the 1960’s, its actual clothes porn.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Visit from the North: By Alanna

Another day rummaging in charity shops, another day well spent. Found some lovely bits and bobs and a little bargain! Also, I got to spend the day with my cousin Laura, who has come down on a visit from Liverpool for a few weeks, so I wanted to show her around Brighton town and see what bargains we could get our hands on. Lovely all around! So after stopping off for a cup of tea and a caramel latte, we went and spent some savvy cash.

First up, a lovely selection of buttons for 50p a bag. You may think I'm mad, but you can never have too many buttons. I use them for card making, decorations, up-cycling old garments and obviously, replacing lost buttons on pretty much most of my wardrobe. Those fuchsia buttons are my absolute favourite.

 Here are just a few buttons and beads from Snoopers Paradise in the North Laines, Brighton.

 Next are these gorgeous tassel fringing, about 13mtrs worth for £5

I saw these a few weeks ago and I am so glad that they where still in the shop. It was just meant to be! These would look lovely on my dresser to embrace my costume jewellery, or hair pins and bands. I'm thinking of tying some old ribbon or lace around the stems, just because I can. £3 for the two.

Finally, this lovely Fake Fur Coat (sorry about the quality of the photo, my camera ran out of battery, rookie mistake, I know). And yes it's nearing spring now, and the need for a fur coat is a little obsolete for another six or seven months, but I couldn't resist. I've never managed to find a fur coat that I really like or that wasn't WAY to over priced. But all the credit for this wonderful find goes to Laura, who kindly passed it over to me, rather than stealing it for her self. Which I totally would have done.

Lastly, a song that I haven't been able to get out of my head since hearing it on the first season of GIRLS. It's not hugely relative to today's activities, but the key message is "I Love It" and so do we (I).

Cheers! Alanna.

Are you an old lady?

Yesterday I spent a stupidly small amount on this AWFUL two piece from a charity shop, I know what you’re thinking, have you actually become an old lady….. Do you work as a 1970’s secretary, well I wish I did so I could wear two pieces all the time. I seem to have a natural infinity with matching top and bottom’s, it started on my 7th birthday when I received from my amazing mother a matching Pocahontas sweatshirt and leggings. I wish I still had them as I would be wearing the sweater as a crop top by now. Anyway back to today it’s all about the two piece people!!! I made a very easy crop top and pencil skirt out of a tribal print curtain which I wore to death over Christmas. So embrace your inner old lady, matchy matchy just got cool.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I would like to thank Blondie…………..
After our little rant over the negatives of said female artist I thought I would take a moment to celebrate a positive one………. Blondie please can I just become you? I’ve tried bleached hair, I’ve sang in awful bands as a teenager which was your fault. I’ve tried being as, punk/sexy/confident as you but, alas I am a clumsy twenty two year old. Ahh well we will have to leave it down to you, in your mature age you have overcome addiction and become even cooler. I will point out now that a glimmer of hope to us all is the fact that you reached the peak of your success as a thirty three year old, so let’s all acknowledge everyone that achievements take time, perseverance and hard work, so we shall all keep at it.
In a nod in to one of your amazing albums, Parallel Lines let’s all rock this season’s monochrome trend. You can’t get any more chic than black and white, or any cooler than stripes on everything!!! Don’t be afraid to mix different size stripes for a truly wild effect.

And to finish, some audio fashpiration!!!!!!

Is there any need? Really?

While we wait for Chelsea to give us the details of ‘The Chelsea Floral Show’, not to be mistaken for The Flower Show, id like us to sit and have a chat about Little Miss Taylor Swift.

I'm calling you out Miss Swift! I am talking to you directly. I think it’s about time for you to grow up.

I am not a huge Taylor Swift Fan, I admit, but I can understand why she has millions of fans around the world. She hasn’t come from a reality show, she professionally writes her own songs and music and that’s great. But, I think she has a lot of that to thank for her ex's, don’t you?

Her songs have brought her great commercial success; they are about heart ache, break-ups, misguidance and moving on. Some of our greatest songs have been about loss and failures, for example other commercially successful artists like Adele, all her songs are about heart ache and lovers lost. I mean, hay, Fleetwood Mac were all over songs about broken relationships, all of which were happening within the band at the time. But I can’t help but feel that Taylors approach always seems personal as opposed to professional.

Some of Swifts ex boyfriends include Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer and Adam Young of Owl City. I wouldn’t usually be fussed to write about an artist or act that I’m not that into. But when the latest news that “I knew you where trouble” was about Harry Styles after denying that it definitely wasn't in the first place, add to that the little digs she makes at her ex's and the fact that nearly every other song she has ever written, is about pretty much every one of her celebrity flings. It starts to get a little tedious, and dare I say it, childish.

Carrying on this way, gives thousands of young girls the idea that bitching and revenge is ok. We already know how much power and influence celebrities have on their fans. When a fan loves an Artist or Actor, they can do no wrong, the worst comes out of people and they then think they have the right to verbally abuse anyone who is involved with said Artist/Actor. When it comes to twitter and trolls, the amount of death threats some celebrities receive is ridiculous, and posting a little video, mocking your supposed ex LOVER Miss Swift, isn’t very big, clever and doesn’t make anything or anyone feel any better about themselves.

There I said it.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Forget the rules, if you love it wear it.

Are you bored of wearing the same clothes, are you stuck in a rut? Do you feel conditioned by silly pretend rules invented by society into wearing certain things at certain times. We don’t. If you love it wear it, rock it and forget the rules. As a much loved work colleague of mine says….. “Style it out” and do so, fuck what anyone says. This blog is about your way, your terms, street trends, and our own personal ideas. Seeing fashion as a wearable work of art. It does not mean it’s outlandish, loud or on trend. It means you adore the item however quiet, or pedestrian. We salute the personal, the small and the story.
Dress for you Now.

Anyway, back in the room, this is the first hat I ever made out of pizza box cardboard and a curtain. (don’t worry that was my skint version of a prototype) Lots more to come made of real millenary materials!

And if you need some audio inspiration this is a very old song by a very amazing person doing it her way.
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LOVE from Its hidous i Love it x