Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Are you an old lady?

Yesterday I spent a stupidly small amount on this AWFUL two piece from a charity shop, I know what you’re thinking, have you actually become an old lady….. Do you work as a 1970’s secretary, well I wish I did so I could wear two pieces all the time. I seem to have a natural infinity with matching top and bottom’s, it started on my 7th birthday when I received from my amazing mother a matching Pocahontas sweatshirt and leggings. I wish I still had them as I would be wearing the sweater as a crop top by now. Anyway back to today it’s all about the two piece people!!! I made a very easy crop top and pencil skirt out of a tribal print curtain which I wore to death over Christmas. So embrace your inner old lady, matchy matchy just got cool.


Ross Mountney said...

I remember the pocahontas outfit! You looked sooo cute! :) Nearly as cute as now!

Its Hideous I Love It said...

i just realised the toilet featuress in this pic, haha, image quality will improve! promise! x