Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Visit from the North: By Alanna

Another day rummaging in charity shops, another day well spent. Found some lovely bits and bobs and a little bargain! Also, I got to spend the day with my cousin Laura, who has come down on a visit from Liverpool for a few weeks, so I wanted to show her around Brighton town and see what bargains we could get our hands on. Lovely all around! So after stopping off for a cup of tea and a caramel latte, we went and spent some savvy cash.

First up, a lovely selection of buttons for 50p a bag. You may think I'm mad, but you can never have too many buttons. I use them for card making, decorations, up-cycling old garments and obviously, replacing lost buttons on pretty much most of my wardrobe. Those fuchsia buttons are my absolute favourite.

 Here are just a few buttons and beads from Snoopers Paradise in the North Laines, Brighton.

 Next are these gorgeous tassel fringing, about 13mtrs worth for £5

I saw these a few weeks ago and I am so glad that they where still in the shop. It was just meant to be! These would look lovely on my dresser to embrace my costume jewellery, or hair pins and bands. I'm thinking of tying some old ribbon or lace around the stems, just because I can. £3 for the two.

Finally, this lovely Fake Fur Coat (sorry about the quality of the photo, my camera ran out of battery, rookie mistake, I know). And yes it's nearing spring now, and the need for a fur coat is a little obsolete for another six or seven months, but I couldn't resist. I've never managed to find a fur coat that I really like or that wasn't WAY to over priced. But all the credit for this wonderful find goes to Laura, who kindly passed it over to me, rather than stealing it for her self. Which I totally would have done.

Lastly, a song that I haven't been able to get out of my head since hearing it on the first season of GIRLS. It's not hugely relative to today's activities, but the key message is "I Love It" and so do we (I).

Cheers! Alanna.

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Ross Mountney said...

You're giving me haberdashery envy Alanna - never had it before!! :)