Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Boring, Boring spring outfits.....

Right, I'm deadly bored with spring fashions, yeah I know..... lets bring out the bloody pastels and re brand them, as candy colours and then sell a variation of a floral print and we are good to go. Yeah I know this is exactly what I'm wearing today haha. I'm actually pissing myself off at the moment my creative inspiration seems to have died this working week. I mean my fashion mood changes hourly so what hope do I have?
I'm going to console myself by avoiding all springtime fashion updates (although I'm sure I will end up talking about them) I think I may go grungy, I know the 90's street trend is so over done, but all these pastels just makes me want to rebel and look all Kate Bush does gothic haha, either that or I'm actually going to start dressing like a man, a man from the thirties.

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