Saturday, 15 June 2013

A Mess.

You know those days where NOTHING looks right. One of those. Hence this freaky mixture of items haha. Look basically I have to go to work now so I'm going to embrace my cowgirl, 80's/30's pom pom hybrid. Thinking about its It's good to challenge your look, you might find a totally new combo that becomes your trademark. Or maybe even just have some fun, lets enjoy our style......... what will you wear today?

Friday, 14 June 2013

Bow wow wow!


This one of my latest designs, I mean who doesn't love an oversized bow? So many great style connotations too. Minnie Mouse, 80's pop stars, dolls, errrrrr that's all I can think of right now! But its an attractive shape and goes with so much, right now I'm rocking a relaxed 80's look.
You can see behind me my new range of hand customised sunglasses which I am launching outside Snoopers Paradise this coming Tuesday. So if you fancy coming along and joining in the fun, come hang out, stroke some pretty new stock, show me your latest craft projects or just wear a rocking outfit so I can street style snap it and blog all about you! Get Involved!
Yesterday was the lovely Alanna'a birthday, we had a surprise tea party, thought everyone needed to see a picture of all my yummy baking! I'm on the fruit today!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

I am homemade!

I feel a little smug................. this entire outfit, top, skirt, headband and jacket are homemade! I have gone mad on kimono's lately. I'm making lots to sell, all in different vintage prints, mostly floral! ( if anyone is around I am trading outside Snoopers Paradise next tues. Come say hello and have a stroke of all my pretty things) Anyway been knocking up tons of them, this one is made out of a embroidered table cloth and was just too pretty to sell! There is nothing like the satisfaction of knowing that your homemade piece is 100% your garment, no one has one quite like it anywhere. Do not underestimate craft, it means we all are leading the revolution against this mass produced world.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Oh you pretty things.

I have not worn make up for five days now, I have had an eye infection, and you know what? its been ok! But I'm really starting to miss it. Its a security blanket, a mask of confidence and prettiness and it also helps me transform my face to fit whatever look I want it too. It's been odd. Todays outfit went down a bit of a hippy thirties vibe (if that even exists)  I am actually obsessed with this robe that I made this time last week. It pretty much goes with everything. I am so excited to wear this look with a ton of dark eye make up and dark red lippy, a bit vampy. But in the mean time we all I think need to embrace how we look naturally. Everyone has something beautiful about them. Even if we cannot see it our self.