Saturday, 15 June 2013

A Mess.

You know those days where NOTHING looks right. One of those. Hence this freaky mixture of items haha. Look basically I have to go to work now so I'm going to embrace my cowgirl, 80's/30's pom pom hybrid. Thinking about its It's good to challenge your look, you might find a totally new combo that becomes your trademark. Or maybe even just have some fun, lets enjoy our style......... what will you wear today?


Hannah said...

I wish I felt brave enough to wear whatever I wanted. There are so many styles I want to to try but am a chicken and am scared of other people's opinions too much.
I am very much a 'sod what the world thinks' apart from when it comes to clothes...any advice for a fashion recluse?!

Chelsea Mountney said...

AW Hannah! thanks for your comment, its easy, all you have to do is do it! if you feel good enough in it, then you look good enough, I feel silly sometimes like when im in sainsburys or something. But who gives shit, I mean actually clothes just make us mega happy, wear what makes you happy! xxxx

Hannah said...

Okay, I will be brave. Promise. I love pretty much everything you both wear in your blogs so I think I can be a bit more adventurous too! Bring it on!!! x