Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Oh you pretty things.

I have not worn make up for five days now, I have had an eye infection, and you know what? its been ok! But I'm really starting to miss it. Its a security blanket, a mask of confidence and prettiness and it also helps me transform my face to fit whatever look I want it too. It's been odd. Todays outfit went down a bit of a hippy thirties vibe (if that even exists)  I am actually obsessed with this robe that I made this time last week. It pretty much goes with everything. I am so excited to wear this look with a ton of dark eye make up and dark red lippy, a bit vampy. But in the mean time we all I think need to embrace how we look naturally. Everyone has something beautiful about them. Even if we cannot see it our self. 

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Ross Mountney said...

That's such a valid and inspiring point about being without make-up sometimes. Great post. x