Friday, 27 April 2012

repairs and man flu!

I have man flu………yes perhaps it is punishment for being so snappy of late or perhaps I have not been getting enough sleep (likely) busy, busy, busy. So my body has reduced me to laying around sniffing and generally feeling shit! Dam you immune system! Ah well since I’ve been wearing the closest thing I can find to pyjamas lately I have not got a picture of my daily outfit. Instead I thought I’d show you some pics of some repairs I have done this week on my workmates clothes.

A simple and satisfying project, I’m willing you…… don’t chuck your favourite item away because the hem has come loose or the zip has broken. REPAIR! Imagine you live in the 1940’s and make do and mend, or think of the money you will save! Its soooo satisfying, even if it’s just sewing back on a button it’s worth it. It’s better for the environment too, so happy points all round, join me, go on I dare you, get sewing, get inspired and get repairing!

These are after shots of the items both with new zips sewn in, the first one is a 1940's skirt, and the secon a pair of amazing 1960's trouser, what insane fabric!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bad moods ahoy.

Dear oh dear….. Another morning spent sort through the amazing and the complete dross of the vintage world. However I got to do the window again in the little charity shop that i help sort the vintage. So here is a little pic….. It’s weird because it’s on a main street I can’t really go crazy and do a really cool and creative display. I just have to keep it errr pleasant. Pleasant meaning boring but hey ho. Plus I realised that I am considered a rare creature in this shop, the customers seem to stare because I must be either a criminal or slightly famous to be dressing in such an outlandish fashion (not my words), wow I must be in a bad mood!

My outfit of the day seems a little harlequin inspired, I can’t seem to get enough of this blouse. Although clothing lately just seems to get me a little angry, well this week I seem angry at everything...... so I suggest a wide berth until either some fashion inspiration comes my way or I stop being so grrrrrr.

Anyways some light relief is supplied by the coolest girl in pop Marina and the diamonds, enjoy.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Deffo too much....

For some unknown reason I woke up at five in the morning on Saturday morn. During this time I watched a programme on bbc iplayer about the rise of reggae in Britain, since then I’ve been hankering after anything this style hence the gorgeous ‘too much too young’ by the Specials!
So you could say I had A LOT of time to plan the days outfit, and for some reason this resulted in me wearing a pair of sequinned leggings which I’ve had since I was seventeen!
I mean what does appropriate day wear actually mean? It did mean some err shall we saying interesting comments from customers at work and some builders I walked past. But who gives a shit, as a friend of mine says never be afraid to go gaga (he means lady gaga) Normally I only crack them out at festivals but today felt right, followed by a kind of glam rock frilly collared blouse and a brothel creepers. I swear that sleep deprivation or hangovers make me dress better. Amen to that.