Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bad moods ahoy.

Dear oh dear….. Another morning spent sort through the amazing and the complete dross of the vintage world. However I got to do the window again in the little charity shop that i help sort the vintage. So here is a little pic….. It’s weird because it’s on a main street I can’t really go crazy and do a really cool and creative display. I just have to keep it errr pleasant. Pleasant meaning boring but hey ho. Plus I realised that I am considered a rare creature in this shop, the customers seem to stare because I must be either a criminal or slightly famous to be dressing in such an outlandish fashion (not my words), wow I must be in a bad mood!

My outfit of the day seems a little harlequin inspired, I can’t seem to get enough of this blouse. Although clothing lately just seems to get me a little angry, well this week I seem angry at everything...... so I suggest a wide berth until either some fashion inspiration comes my way or I stop being so grrrrrr.

Anyways some light relief is supplied by the coolest girl in pop Marina and the diamonds, enjoy.

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Ross Mountney said...

Love the window! And the outfit! xx