Thursday, 11 April 2013

No Gap.

On a day off I dabble in a bit of morning tv, I partially like Lorraine, she isn't your average cardboard cut out of a morning tv presenter, she is human, funny, and curvy. However this morning I was so disgusted and upset by a feature on her programme, discussing the trend for a 'thigh gap'. The gap that slender females have between their thighs. It discussed woman having surgery to achieve this look, it showed comments on social networking streams that read something like this " throwing up after meals helped my widen my thigh gap" "starving myself made my thigh gap bigger". 

When has it become ok to promote a serious mental illness on mainstream tv, a mental illness that is more and more common, a mental illness that can actually kill you? Because that's what this basically is, this is the mass conditioning of our nations females. Even if you have never experienced the complete despair of suffering from Bulimia or Anorexia you will have experienced feeling fat, looking at more slender woman than you and wanting that body, you may have skipped meals, crash dieted to try and fit into a size 10 opposed to your size 12. Why is it only considered attractive and successful if you are a size 8 or under, and if we are any bigger we will never going to possess, a thigh gap, or a flat chest or whatever and that is an issue that will beat ourselves up about.

The point is that whatever your size and shape, your concern should be health and well being. If your naturally slender then embrace your angular frame, if you curvaceous then dress those curves, if your somewhere in between then fucking celebrate it because that's the way you are and unless you take drastic measures, this is the beauty that you have been blessed with. 

So join me, do not accept this mass conditioning as the only way, there is nothing wrong with eating and enjoying food, with being bigger than the only images that the media subjects us to day in and day out, opt out of this thinking, we are all individuals and lets take a step forward together to saying that this is NOT acceptable.


Ross Mountney said...

Bloomin AMAZING POWERFUL post! Totally agree - will share it around! xxx

geneva said...

very well put, I have only started to believe this in the past year and its a much happier way to be! x

Anonymous said...

Worded brilliantly!!!!