Sunday, 7 April 2013

Fancy a run through a Meadow?


The sun is out people!!!!!!!!!!!! breaking news right, in most places around the country it is now above freezing woop, woop! anyway here is my lame attempts to photography todays outfit as well as a massive glimpse at my shop like bedroom haha. A homemade dress, out of sixties fabric, Primark tights, vintage fifties scarf as headband, and a few studded rings for good measure. So all of you that are a little hung-over this morning I implore you, get out for a walk and if you cant face the light then stay in and make something amazing, and please, post the pictures on fb. well I'm resisting the urge to fun through meadows in my floral dress and instead I am off to rehearsals, but here is some meadow running music anyway.

Here comes the sun.............

1 comment:

Ross Mountney said...

I definitely fancy a run through a meadow! x