Wednesday, 12 February 2014


It's February, it's pissing it down, I work in Arctic conditions it seems. There is no sunlight, it's too windy to wear any kind of hat apart from a bloody beanie. I'm starting to resemble the Michelin Man due to the sheer amount of layers I'm piling on.

 HOWEVER I've been desperately employing the medium of imagination in order to get through these gloomy days. Endless pictures of American hippies in the early 70's are majorly helping as well as fashpiration coming from Check out there little fashion films as well as lookbooks, serious clothes porn. 

Also I've had this belly dancing outfit for years which normally only gets summer outings, however to cheer myself I decided to wear the skirt as a cape. The sequinned waistband makes a great collar and over this coat make me look like a completely mental 70s fortune teller. Which I think deffo sums up my current vibe. Oh and you can't see in this picture but I have a massive spot right between my eyebrows.... I've solved this problem by sticking a bindi over it. Now that is problem solving skills! Onwards! On a stylistic voyage!