Tuesday, 13 March 2012


I was very excited to dye my hair. Before September I had blonde hair for about 4 years; I don't count the few weeks in January-February 2010 when I followed some silly silly advice. That was a disaster.

I am very prone to changing my hair at least every month or so. I find hair gets very boring very quickly, you discover all the styles that are possible with it and wear it each and every way. Then, well then Its boring again! So...

During the Dying process

After the Dying process

Better photos will proceed when it's been toned and hopefully gains a lilac-ee tinge.


Yesterdays outfit for a flat viewing... an attempt to make myself seem a little more mature, to ensure I definitely get the flat. I love pretending I'm an grown up.

Playsuit from Beyond Retro with a Blouse/dress from a charity shop. Electric Blue (my favorite colour to wear) shoes from Primark and a riders jacket from The Wardrobe in Hastings old town.

Its a little more simple than I would usually go for but still worked well for a sunny spring afternoon.

Crop tops and Bows!

Ok, as you can see this old Topshop jumper that I bought from a charity shop is having a bit of a moment in my life, not being the skinniest you would think that crop tops would be a complete no no. However when worn with anything high waisted I’m all for a bit of rib flashing! Crop tops are still in the news for spring/summer 12, if that’s the sort of thing you care about, but if not have a change of heart and crack out those high waisters and take the scissors to an old t-shirt and give yourself a new silhouette.

Crafty Cards.

Oh the simple craft of making a card…… such satisfaction gained from sticking a few pretty things onto a piece of folded card! I hate to discredit myself but this is actually one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways of being a little creative. The housey pictures are from an old Cath Kidston wallpaper leaflet…… recycling to the max! Oh how the Superscrimpers would be proud! Now if you know me at all then you will be aware of my obsession with Cath Kidston which has spanned many years. So in my honour go check out her new spring collections to get inspired! And then go stick some old bits of paper, sweet wrappers, and some pictures of roses cut out of the adverts selling seeds in the Sunday newspaper magazines and make me a card!


Sunday, 11 March 2012

A weekend in style.

I started of friday with this cutsey dress which is seventies does fifties, ive been horading this dress for the past two months and i really enjoyed its first outing!

One of my biggest style dilemmas is what to wear for ‘special’ occasions or nights out?! I think it’s the added pressure of wanting to look extra nice and perhaps wanting to impress. With excitement of going to a gig I wanted to mark the occasion with a significant look! I feel I did this in this beautiful sequined top worn with my crazy tribal print leggings! Result!

Saturdays grungy work outfit.

A strong style weekend I feel finished off today with an outing for one of my favourite ever jackets, I’ve almost worn in a bit of a sports luxe manner I feel!