Monday, 17 September 2012

superglue in a squat.

I am still scratching the superglue of my fingers but it is such a wonder product, is it not? Amazing for any craft project, but here is one bit of advice from me to you…. Wear gloves or use tweezers when using this stuff………..
Ok picture the scene I am in my mates empty flat, as she has had to move all her stuff out a couple of days earlier but she didn’t need to hand over the keys for a couple more days. So due to my currently nomadic housing situation I figured I would just stay, anyway it was just me a mattress and some of my clothes……………. CREEPY! However something good came of the evening, these fucking amazing sunglasses with are made with poundland gemstones an old pair of sunnies and a whole lot of superglue! So get crafting people it is still possible in the most desperate of situations, i mean i was practically squating!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

floating on the breeze of life!

Ok, I am officially homeless, well not the living on the streets more like the sofa surfing, in between places kind. And have been for a month, which yes does make you feel rather worthless like you’re un-deserving or something but he ho this explains my lack of posts in the whole blogging department, hence no internet! Anyways from now on I am not calling it homeless I am going to call it – “floating about on the breeze of life” sounds much better doesn’t it? Also what we are not going to focus on is me not getting yet another audition ( yes the life of the jobbing actress is beautiful) luckily I still have my day job and what is one more audition anyway?

However what we are going to focus on is Louise Grays new make up collection for topshop……….. it is a fucking make up revelation forget what you thought was a do and don’t in make up, this is rule breaking and it’s putting to fingers up to generic make up by splashing colour all over your face. She is part of the Bleach London revolution (all the pastel hair colours that are now considered cool) so get yourself down to Topshop and get inspired by the insanely cool colour combinations. A personal favourite is her use of two different eye colours and a drawn on, bright blue beauty spot. Boom!  

(the irony of me writing a make up feature when I don’t have a regular mirror of use apart from a compact one)

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

soundling like a single person ........

Ok I’m sat in bed about to watch the Great British Bake Off, and I’ve just eaten some dark chocolate. Yes I know I sound l sound like a lonely singleton haha ( not that that that is a bad thing) anyway I’m off subject. What I was going to discuss was the lovely joy of baking and how homemade is generally better than shop bought. However I found an argument against this today in the form of the Veggie café The Mad Hatter café if you live in or around Brighton I suggest you try it it’s just off western road. Alos I am in the middle of moving house and living on friends sofas for a while so expect some rather erratic outfits and no home baking. Now you know!

Thursday, 16 August 2012


Wow, I am sleep deprived, what a bitch, lying awake listening to the white noise ringing in your ears. Alas while I was lying awake however I was thinking about how dam excited I am for Agyness Deyn’s collection for Doc Martins, celebrity endorsements is not something that I normally buy into, but has anyone seen the arty farty video they have posted to drum up some excitement? Its complete nineties fash-spiration. Check it out.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Can you hear me???

Ok, I’m back can you hear me loud and clear???!

After what seems like forever, Alanna has persuaded me to start posting again, I have been mega busy…… helping build for playgroup festival, working, choreographing and believe it not being in a play! And Auditions and what not. After yet another knockback for a part I actually really wanted (who cares anyway) I though today was the day for a post.

Well this lovely weather we have been blessed is throwing up a few new issues, like how to look interesting with minimal layers and accessories………….

Today I seem to be rocking a kind of preppy look, including dr martins which were second hand to me a couple of months ago, exciting! I guess I’ve been swinging between the wildly cute and also hints on nineties naughtiness which is BIG street trend news in case you didn’t already know!!! Also I’m having to move in the next few weeks to ‘I’m not sure where yet’ which induced a clear out (yes friends reading this feel free to come and rummage through my cast offs) although I did come across the beautiful blouse which I had thought of as rather hard to wear, but today seemed right. Also I lovely friend of mine passed on to me this crotchet collar which his Polish grandma has made when she was fourteen! And we all know it’s all about the collars!

Listening too………… anything on vinyl thanks to my gorgeous record player, yes I’ve joined the elitist crew of the very pretentious and dads everywhere, it’s amazing I recommend them, so it’s been everything Bowie, the Kinks or Kate Bush lately!!!
Also there has been interesting developments….. such as I now own a cape! Also I have had my septum pierced!

here is hounds of love to cheer us all up!

Well over and out for now, promise for a more interesting one next time!!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

geek alert with Microsoft SmartGlass

I love gaming. I love being a Geek. I love knowing things about boring stuff and being enthusiastic about it.
I could talk about Assassins Creed III's release towards the end of October, which I am way too excited about, but there's bigger Batarangs in my Batbelt! I'll try not place in too many gaming references.

Microsoft released information about their latest gadget at this years E3 Conference back in June. To fill you in, E3 is a huge annual computer and video game trades show. E3 stands for The Electronic Entertainment Expo, hence E3. Microsoft announced SmartGlass, I'ts a new smartphone and tablet app that you can download to iPhone, Android Handsets or a Windows Phone. It connects to your Xbox live account and works along side you while you watch films, TV and even when playing the latest Games Releases.

Nintendo Wii have brought out something similar. The Wii Tablet (Wii U) as a new type of remote control... almost like a huge TV sized Nintendo DS in your living room that reacts to and moves the game along. But the SmartGlass is different. 1) It's pretty much available for anyone with a phone/tablet and Xbox. 2) You don't need to buy any new hardware. And 3) I believe It may even be a free app.

You know the Mission Impossible films when people stand around about 4-5 virtual screens swiping and moving things from one screen to the other. It's pretty much going to be that. So in game when you want to bring up the menu to change settings, selecting a new weapon or item, viewing the map and selecting your next location or when you cant for the life of you remember what that actress' name is while watching a film or program, you just pick up your phone and its all there ready for you.

I just love this futuristic feel. It might be a bit much. But were better to use over the top tech than when your running around pretending to be a warlock, or a half man half machine, or even Batman.

Anyway, Im off to Geek-out somewhere else about the possibilities.

Much Love! 
Alanna x-x-x

Check out the video link below. Pretty much sums it up, watch out for the cheesiness.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Alanna's Rant (It's long and has no pictures)

I would definitely say I'm not well read and I definitely don't claim to be, but I've always liked the idea.
It takes me a really long time to find a book I love and continue to read beyond the first few pages.
So, what's annoying is when said book is found and the ending is ruined by circumstance of location.

I'm purposely not disclosing my choice of book (no, it's not Fifty Shades of Grey) as it has been made into a film and people would tell me off for neither seeing the film and/or reading the book in the first place (also if you where thinking of reading it, it means I don't ruin the ending for you).

I decided to pick up this book and then after completion, watch the film. After finishing and being left with a thought provoking book, my own resolutions and my own ideas of what may happen to the characters after the paper back was closed, I bought the film and really enjoyed it... untill the second to last scene revealed to me a completely new revelation.

Let me explain. So, when reading the book, in the second to last chapter, the protagonist (male) asks a very important question (you can probably guess the question) to a Girl he just met and has become infatuated with, very quickly. In the next and last chapter we see that he is still with his long time girl friend, but essentially in the end the reader is left to decide whether or not he decides to stay with the girl friend or start a new with this other woman. This, I really liked. It made sense not to know the outcome as the protagonist through-out the book is riddled with doubt and forever changing his mind. BUT! And a big but. In the film... he asks his Girl friend the very important question!

...Hang on... What! How dare they change the ending!... wait a minute

*pauses film and finds the book*


Never before had I felt so stupid. I had been cheated. The general public and the distracting noises they make. A man on his phone, the mother and her child screaming at each other, they all made me miss it! This isn't fair. The first book I have read for 2 years and they ruin it! Stupid trains.

Now, the characters live happily ever after! Which I am sure I would have loved if I had read it that way in the first place. There is a definite difference between my ending and the films... and it therefore ruined both experiences for me. I'm never reading on the train again.

..........I suppose It's my own fault.

I guess there Is a reason I'm not well read.

Friday, 27 July 2012


Alanna here! Shocker I know. In between March and now, I've pretty much been earning Dosh and paying bills. With a little Holiday getta'way in the middle. And the lack of broadband has sufficiently hindered me from blogging and completing very important tasks. Like browsing shops on-line for hours, forgetting about the one email I set out to check. RIGHT! Explanation over. On with a quick pic of probably the only addition to my wardrobe in a while.

Lets back track a bit. It was my 21st in June and as a treat for myself I bought this very cute 70's top with sheer cape skirt for... wait for it... £3! Bexhill does it again. I teamed it with black sheer tights and high waisted hotpants (I was feeling particularly brave that weekend!)  

More to come.
                  I promise this time!

Friday, 1 June 2012

wow, its reached this point.

Wow……….. it’s reached this point, I’m blogging about my breakfast, yes this is now my life, haha only joking, its just that my outfits seem to have been pretty un inspired of late so I though it would be better just to talk about something pretty than to add another shit outfit to the list, so here we are!

So anyone, anyone at all got any advice on getting y fashion mojo back? I mean yeah I look alright but I feel less and less inspired by everything!!!! I think a non-spending trip around the shops is required either that or some magazine’s need to get the act together and talk about something actually interesting. Amen!

Thursday, 31 May 2012

It's been too long.......

Oh my god!!!! Like two weeks have passed since we blogged, mental! With work, auditions and general life taking up so much time sadly we have been missing our vital style and craft chat, this post is just a look at the last couple of weeks outfits and nails, not sadly some of the things we have made, but I will do a special one for that soon, promise!

Between dressing for the heat, for auditions and being too busy to get inspired it’s been a strange style too weeks, ranging from the smart, the vintage and most of all I think a lack of humour! We will get it back…………………..

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Lovers reunited........

The lovers are reunited….. haha its been about another six weeks since me and the lovely alanna have hung out, so we spent the time together like the true grannies we are, baking, drinking tea and using pound shop nail decorations to do our nails! Happy days!

Ok, cake mix was easy peasy, just a standard two hundred grams of each ingredient, with four eggs and finally the zest and juice of three lemons to make the mix. We then made the butterflies cupcakes by scooping out a little of the sponge once they were baked, then filled the whole with lemon buttercream icing, and added the excess sponge as fashioned butterflies. Finish with glitter! The lemon drizzle ones were finished with a icing sugar, water and lemon juice zest/juice mix! It’s been two hours and we haven’t quite eaten them all yet, we were also very jealous and gave two to the gas man. I know, we are very generous.

Nails! Yay a girlie girlie activity but fun all the same! Top Tip, use a liquid eyeliner for black detail and then just paint over with clear varnish! Jewels from poundland!

Todays outfits-
Amazing cropped white jacket, with standard denim cut off, paisley eighties print shirt, ankle socks and brothel creeper. Accessorised by teddy.

Cute sixties babydoll nightie, worn as dress, with silver crop top, pastel eighties cardie, tattoo look tights and woven shoes! (no teddy)

Chelsea looks very happy in this picture…………. She had a nice day I think, anyway a lovely day all round!

The sound track to our day…… enjoy x

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Long time no speak.

Ok,ok, ok, apologies for the lack of blogging of date, I’ve been moving house and had to find furniture, ect, but im back louder than ever, with constant inspiration, new ideas and a determination to keep looking cool!

Sooooooo what’s everyone been up to? Well between lugging bin bags of my stuff around and un packing I’ve managed to snap a few of my outfits a long with picking a couple of new bits. Anyone read this month’s Elle? Pretty standard if you ask me, summer looks seem rather dull, but hey ho street trends are a hundred percent more interesting anyway. So feel free to comment on any of my looks, thoughts and feeling always welcome!

One of the most exciting updates is the fact that I can now put my hair up in a ponytail….. dosnt sound like much but after growing into a bob after what seems like forever it’s a massive step forward!

I do seem to be massively flicking between inspirations of late, one second I’m all buttoned up blouses and military jackets and the next I’m all eighties in floral dungarees, followed by cutesy dresses and tights combo’s. Although at heart next up is a massive glam rock influence I reckon, I’m awaiting all the frilly blouses, leggings, sparkles, leather and studs……. Watch the space.

Friday, 27 April 2012

repairs and man flu!

I have man flu………yes perhaps it is punishment for being so snappy of late or perhaps I have not been getting enough sleep (likely) busy, busy, busy. So my body has reduced me to laying around sniffing and generally feeling shit! Dam you immune system! Ah well since I’ve been wearing the closest thing I can find to pyjamas lately I have not got a picture of my daily outfit. Instead I thought I’d show you some pics of some repairs I have done this week on my workmates clothes.

A simple and satisfying project, I’m willing you…… don’t chuck your favourite item away because the hem has come loose or the zip has broken. REPAIR! Imagine you live in the 1940’s and make do and mend, or think of the money you will save! Its soooo satisfying, even if it’s just sewing back on a button it’s worth it. It’s better for the environment too, so happy points all round, join me, go on I dare you, get sewing, get inspired and get repairing!

These are after shots of the items both with new zips sewn in, the first one is a 1940's skirt, and the secon a pair of amazing 1960's trouser, what insane fabric!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bad moods ahoy.

Dear oh dear….. Another morning spent sort through the amazing and the complete dross of the vintage world. However I got to do the window again in the little charity shop that i help sort the vintage. So here is a little pic….. It’s weird because it’s on a main street I can’t really go crazy and do a really cool and creative display. I just have to keep it errr pleasant. Pleasant meaning boring but hey ho. Plus I realised that I am considered a rare creature in this shop, the customers seem to stare because I must be either a criminal or slightly famous to be dressing in such an outlandish fashion (not my words), wow I must be in a bad mood!

My outfit of the day seems a little harlequin inspired, I can’t seem to get enough of this blouse. Although clothing lately just seems to get me a little angry, well this week I seem angry at everything...... so I suggest a wide berth until either some fashion inspiration comes my way or I stop being so grrrrrr.

Anyways some light relief is supplied by the coolest girl in pop Marina and the diamonds, enjoy.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Deffo too much....

For some unknown reason I woke up at five in the morning on Saturday morn. During this time I watched a programme on bbc iplayer about the rise of reggae in Britain, since then I’ve been hankering after anything this style hence the gorgeous ‘too much too young’ by the Specials!
So you could say I had A LOT of time to plan the days outfit, and for some reason this resulted in me wearing a pair of sequinned leggings which I’ve had since I was seventeen!
I mean what does appropriate day wear actually mean? It did mean some err shall we saying interesting comments from customers at work and some builders I walked past. But who gives a shit, as a friend of mine says never be afraid to go gaga (he means lady gaga) Normally I only crack them out at festivals but today felt right, followed by a kind of glam rock frilly collared blouse and a brothel creepers. I swear that sleep deprivation or hangovers make me dress better. Amen to that.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Old news and granny jumpers…..

On my walk around Brighton today (it was sunny and I needed some exercise) I walked past a charity shop having a closing down sale, everything one pound! Hence three new jumpers to add to my vast collection!
Love how this lilac one is home knitted and has an open knit which means I can layer over interesting prints/textures for full affect!
Couldn’t resist this royal blue number, the thinness of it means I can layer it under high waisted pieces, as most of jumpers are mega chunky.

How cute is this nighties copy of a sixties bed jacket, forever loving the Peter Pan collar and fondant colour.

Here is todays weird take on trying to get dressed, I’m wearing fishnets here, which I felt soooooo self-conscious in when I left the house due to my rather short playsuit (worn underneath jumper) however I feel like my jumper and boots cancelled out the potential of looking like a bit of a slut!

Ok, this song has been around a couple of months but I simply can’t get enough of this song…… Artic Monkeys I will always love you.  Totally old news but if you’re looking for some indie satisfaction then check out their current album. I know I am not cool. But I like what I like.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Welcome back

Yes, believe it or not... it is me (Alanna). No I haven't forgotten, or neglected my duties. I've been very busy moving into a new place. So while my flat is in the development stage, here's some music to keep you entertained.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Confusion, curls and electro beats

Oh just another week in life of a very stressed individual…………. However whatever troubles you face as shallow as it sounds a little bit of creativity always manage to drag me away from my own head for at least a few minutes. Sweet relief! However worried I have been, and lack of sleep AND an ear infection good things have happed. A lovely lady who I work with gave me two pairs of coloured Mary Quant tights, win! Alanna and I were reunited for a day when I went to visit her lovely new flat, and raided the charity shops there. I found this amazing vintage leather, fringed jacket. Which I am completely. in . love. with. I also found this amazing blouse which has the cuffs and collar worthy of Noel Feilding or some similar expressive type. I picked up this cute metal bow for fifty pence. I love charity shops!!!

Today I kind of went a bit darker with my look, I’m all curled hair (which I’m very pleased with) dark red lippy and grungy jodhpur boots. If you can’t face the world due to awkwardness then I say wear more make up to cover it up!

And to finish I’ve been feeling a bit of electro lately. Although I did go see Bombay Bicycle Club last night with a bunch of twelve year olds it seemed.  Everyone has heard of College due to their hit song ‘real hero’ from the film Drive where they collaborated with electric youth. But here is a link to their other tracks, fun beats and fun times to follow!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Schoolgirls and folk dancing!

I’ve been all over the place the last couple of days……. Tiredness, being busy, my diary is like my bible for remembering where and what I’m meant to be doing. Hence the massive variation between these two outfits one is almost a little bit ‘this is England’ with the long coat and brothel creepers. The other one is more like sixties schoolgirl, with floral sixties mini dress and cute school blazer.

I have had a bit of a shopping urge the last few days and the charity shop in which I deal with the vintage section has some fab pieces! I bought this almost Jodhpur style leggings, a eighties Dorothy Perkins striped denim shirt, I’ve wanted one for ages! Also this mental folky, Mexican style dress, I reckon it was meant as a costume, regardless I love it! I’m thinking paired with some black boots a hat and a leather jacket it’s going to make an amazing statement dress! And I will feel like I should be dancing some kind of traditional dance!