Sunday, 6 May 2012

Long time no speak.

Ok,ok, ok, apologies for the lack of blogging of date, I’ve been moving house and had to find furniture, ect, but im back louder than ever, with constant inspiration, new ideas and a determination to keep looking cool!

Sooooooo what’s everyone been up to? Well between lugging bin bags of my stuff around and un packing I’ve managed to snap a few of my outfits a long with picking a couple of new bits. Anyone read this month’s Elle? Pretty standard if you ask me, summer looks seem rather dull, but hey ho street trends are a hundred percent more interesting anyway. So feel free to comment on any of my looks, thoughts and feeling always welcome!

One of the most exciting updates is the fact that I can now put my hair up in a ponytail….. dosnt sound like much but after growing into a bob after what seems like forever it’s a massive step forward!

I do seem to be massively flicking between inspirations of late, one second I’m all buttoned up blouses and military jackets and the next I’m all eighties in floral dungarees, followed by cutesy dresses and tights combo’s. Although at heart next up is a massive glam rock influence I reckon, I’m awaiting all the frilly blouses, leggings, sparkles, leather and studs……. Watch the space.

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