Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Lovers reunited........

The lovers are reunited….. haha its been about another six weeks since me and the lovely alanna have hung out, so we spent the time together like the true grannies we are, baking, drinking tea and using pound shop nail decorations to do our nails! Happy days!

Ok, cake mix was easy peasy, just a standard two hundred grams of each ingredient, with four eggs and finally the zest and juice of three lemons to make the mix. We then made the butterflies cupcakes by scooping out a little of the sponge once they were baked, then filled the whole with lemon buttercream icing, and added the excess sponge as fashioned butterflies. Finish with glitter! The lemon drizzle ones were finished with a icing sugar, water and lemon juice zest/juice mix! It’s been two hours and we haven’t quite eaten them all yet, we were also very jealous and gave two to the gas man. I know, we are very generous.

Nails! Yay a girlie girlie activity but fun all the same! Top Tip, use a liquid eyeliner for black detail and then just paint over with clear varnish! Jewels from poundland!

Todays outfits-
Amazing cropped white jacket, with standard denim cut off, paisley eighties print shirt, ankle socks and brothel creeper. Accessorised by teddy.

Cute sixties babydoll nightie, worn as dress, with silver crop top, pastel eighties cardie, tattoo look tights and woven shoes! (no teddy)

Chelsea looks very happy in this picture…………. She had a nice day I think, anyway a lovely day all round!

The sound track to our day…… enjoy x

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