Saturday, 10 August 2013

A dash if something different.

What is so attractive about having flowers in your hair? It's annoying given the current trend and primark producing like ten thousand, three pound floral headbands. But saying that my headband is made from flowers from the poundshop so I suppose i can't moan! I love this chilled look, homemade kimono jacket out of a fifties tablecloth and cheesecloth dress donated to me by a friend. My blue hair has deffo made me more aware of colour too. It's interesting how a small change like this hints at new ideas for looks and adds a dash of something different to your style. And that's why personal style is so great it will always develop, mould and change into something else. Even when it feels like your look is stagnent you can always rely on it changing. Without you even trying.

Friday, 9 August 2013

This is not a wig

Yeah I did it,..... Screwed all chances I getting any acting work, however my hair is now bright blue. Which for some reason sparked a sixties baby doll day. Who knew?! God I love a drastic change, so whatever you are considering just bloody do it, whether you think other people will love it too. Even if it seems like the rest if the world hates it then you know what?! You have opened some minds and are setting trends. Ready, set, go get brave.

Thursday, 8 August 2013


I've just come out the other side of a trauma. I had to go into a shopping centre, the land of nightmares. Where huge corporate companies sell their clone like looks to the entire nation while terrible electronically modified music pumps out all speakers and the temperature is controlled to be the complete opposite of whatever is actually happening outside. Forgive me for my Orwell style rant but I truly despise these places, I needed a wee so was forced to venture inside. Now you can see from my pic that it was a rather plain look today..... Trainers, TRAINERS that I bought from a charity shop mixed with homemade skirt and Bowie t shirt. A look that I consider almost dull, however during my visit of the prison they call a shopping mall people stared. Now they are the weird ones of you ask me. 

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Don't forget who you are.

This is Laura, she's a girl after my own heart and someone i consider a style icon as she has completely her own distinctive thing going on. One of the reasons I love her look is that it's completely different from mine, if we are out together she ends up looking like a Bondage witch, and me a floral vintage dream. We are an odd pair but all the more inspiring because of our creative differences. And that's why style over fashion interests me more. It's real people doing there day to day things and rocking something that is personal and approachable. So lets embrace each others differences and juxtapose each other. It makes the streets more visually interesting.

Product of surroundings.

Check me out, yesterday on the beach, no make up, hair down, wearing my homemade clothes. A weekend spent working at a cute little festival has brought out my inner chilled clearly. About time too since I spent the whole time totally stressing about EVERYTHING. Anyway it's interesting how any new surrounding affects your creative flow, much more than we realise and a tinge of inspiration can find us months later from a hint of a memory we have. This however is just me have a rare day off and actually not caring as much. Makes a change! Don't forget just because its an off day doesn't mean that you still can't look just as interesting. Just a more relaxed version!