Thursday, 8 August 2013


I've just come out the other side of a trauma. I had to go into a shopping centre, the land of nightmares. Where huge corporate companies sell their clone like looks to the entire nation while terrible electronically modified music pumps out all speakers and the temperature is controlled to be the complete opposite of whatever is actually happening outside. Forgive me for my Orwell style rant but I truly despise these places, I needed a wee so was forced to venture inside. Now you can see from my pic that it was a rather plain look today..... Trainers, TRAINERS that I bought from a charity shop mixed with homemade skirt and Bowie t shirt. A look that I consider almost dull, however during my visit of the prison they call a shopping mall people stared. Now they are the weird ones of you ask me. 

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Ross Mountney said...

Does this mean you'll allow me to wear my trainers now?!!