Thursday, 11 April 2013

No Gap.

On a day off I dabble in a bit of morning tv, I partially like Lorraine, she isn't your average cardboard cut out of a morning tv presenter, she is human, funny, and curvy. However this morning I was so disgusted and upset by a feature on her programme, discussing the trend for a 'thigh gap'. The gap that slender females have between their thighs. It discussed woman having surgery to achieve this look, it showed comments on social networking streams that read something like this " throwing up after meals helped my widen my thigh gap" "starving myself made my thigh gap bigger". 

When has it become ok to promote a serious mental illness on mainstream tv, a mental illness that is more and more common, a mental illness that can actually kill you? Because that's what this basically is, this is the mass conditioning of our nations females. Even if you have never experienced the complete despair of suffering from Bulimia or Anorexia you will have experienced feeling fat, looking at more slender woman than you and wanting that body, you may have skipped meals, crash dieted to try and fit into a size 10 opposed to your size 12. Why is it only considered attractive and successful if you are a size 8 or under, and if we are any bigger we will never going to possess, a thigh gap, or a flat chest or whatever and that is an issue that will beat ourselves up about.

The point is that whatever your size and shape, your concern should be health and well being. If your naturally slender then embrace your angular frame, if you curvaceous then dress those curves, if your somewhere in between then fucking celebrate it because that's the way you are and unless you take drastic measures, this is the beauty that you have been blessed with. 

So join me, do not accept this mass conditioning as the only way, there is nothing wrong with eating and enjoying food, with being bigger than the only images that the media subjects us to day in and day out, opt out of this thinking, we are all individuals and lets take a step forward together to saying that this is NOT acceptable.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Read More.

I fucking LOVE this picture, 1 the setting 2 the outfit and 3 it was taken at work by a workmate. This outfit was inspired by a girl I saw in the shop next door to my house late last night when I was buying milk. That's what I adore about street style, you can be inspired anytime, anywhere, it does not take money, talent or even any knowledge. See something, like it..... re do it your own way. This girl had on amazing stripy trousers and a very 90's grunge vibe. I went ten times more girlie and this in my own take on her vibe. Sometimes what the person is actually wearing is vile, but its about a feeling you get, maybe a specific item or just seeing something that you think is really fucking cool. Now get style spotting, style is whatever you want it to be.

Why I Love... Dawn O'Porter

Oh Dawn (That’s right, where on a first name basis now).
What is it about you that I love so much? Oh wait, I know… you’re amazing.

I have loved Dawn O’Porter for years, ever since I watched Super Slim Me back in 2007. Ever since then, every documentary, every article she produces, brings me much Joy and I cannot wait to read Paper Aeroplanes (check out the link O’Porter’s documentaries have ranged from subjects on nudity, polygamy, lesbianism, dating, cancer, pregnancy and childbirth; each as revealing, entertaining and truthful as the last. She LOVES boobs (who doesn’t?), is a true feminist and like so many great women out there, not afraid to express this in her own way.

Some of the main reasons why I admire this woman are her confidence, how funny she is and her views, which I generally always agree with. Even when I’m not 100% in agreement with what she may say (which is very rare), I totally understand why she believes in what she is saying. Since I left secondary school many eons ago, a lot has changed. Friends change, your views change and circumstances change and when watching or reading Dawn’s works, it helped me to understand my own feelings. For one, believing in myself as an individual.

For example, more recently Dawn, who was born Dawn Porter, adopted the ‘O’ when marrying The IT Crowd’s Chris O’Dowd in 2012. She wanted to respect her fiancĂ©’s name, but with-out losing her own. The addition of the ‘O’ resonated with me. Dawn shared a view that I had not shared with any of my close friends or family, mainly for fear of rejection and/or offending. When I was younger and watched shows on TV, I would see girls who’d have a crush on the guy, re-writing Mrs [INSERT CRUSH’S SURNAME HERE], over and over. I never fully understood why. Dawn argued that her name is who she is, and not just as in, “Hello, my name is Dawn Porter”, but in a Troy MacClure-esk “You might remember me from such self-help videos as "Smoke Yourself Thin", and "Get Confident, Stupid!" A name is important; it is how people recognise you, it’s a profession, a business, it is a signature of all your hard work and everything you have built up to, and your’ name has been through it all. This does not mean that I disagree with everyone who changes their name when getting married, I happen to think it is very sweet, very romantic and a great way to show someone that you love them. I just like my name, and that is not a Bad thing.

Now on to her style.
Dawn has a keen sense of style. She knows how to dress for her shape, which is not hard because she has a wonderful figure, and always wears with confidence. I especially love all the long sleek silhouette dresses, and her mixture of vintage prints and vibrant colours, it suits me fine. I admire her choice in wardrobe; she gets the right mix of Girly, sexy, mature and fun, all without showing off too much flesh (again not that I would mind). YES, I am in love.

And I’m going to tell you a secret. I'm slowly trying to steal Dawn’s Hair.

So all I have to say, is thank you Dawn. Smiley face emoticon.


Commit to the album.

Right if you do anything this week, listen to a new album. It's well known that we have become a nation of single guzzling individuals, but this is such a boring way to consume music, think about all the amazing tracks that would have been missed if we had only ever listened to singles? It doesn't even have to cost money youtube has so many full albums on there. Start with the greats-the predictable ones, then move on to the more obscure... go on I dare you.

If you want synths, this is synths. Check it out


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Thatcher, a style icon?!

Who would have thought it? One of the most iconic woman of the last century is no longer here, I am in no way agreeing with her choices however I think it is interesting that a woman who did so much, damage/good depending on your views did so little for feminism. Also who the hell styled her, in the era of power dressing, shoulder pads, electronic music and yuppie culture her outfits were truly awful. However one good thing that always comes from repression and recession - creative subcultures; and boy there were some interesting ones. But lets take a look, and in true it hideous...I love it style celebrate the vile and also the great...

One of her trademark colours and a cracking pleated skirt two piece.
I bloody love the collar blouse combo.
I bloody love this yellow jacket.
And as I theme tune I think this is fitting.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Above Parr

Following on from my photography theme this week, I wanted to share one of my favourite collections. Anyone who has ever studied Photography should recognise the name Martin Parr, even if you have never picked up a camera, you should know this name. Martin Parr is a photographer, film-maker, ex-train spotter and collector. He has some of the most obscure personal collections, ranging from dinner trays, stamps, post cards, plates and Spice Girls memorabilia.

'The Last Resort' by Martin Parr was taken during 1983 through to 1985 in New Brighton, Liverpool. Parr was very interested in Thatcher Britain and the results that became of the conservative party at the time. His photographs marked a turning point in photography from monochrome black and white, to bright, vibrant photographs, saturated with colour. The contrast between the vivid colours and the bleak subjects with-in his photo's only highlighted the ugly truth that Thatcher was so eager to ignore, with Parr himself calling them 'anti-postcard pictures.'

Fancy a run through a Meadow?


The sun is out people!!!!!!!!!!!! breaking news right, in most places around the country it is now above freezing woop, woop! anyway here is my lame attempts to photography todays outfit as well as a massive glimpse at my shop like bedroom haha. A homemade dress, out of sixties fabric, Primark tights, vintage fifties scarf as headband, and a few studded rings for good measure. So all of you that are a little hung-over this morning I implore you, get out for a walk and if you cant face the light then stay in and make something amazing, and please, post the pictures on fb. well I'm resisting the urge to fun through meadows in my floral dress and instead I am off to rehearsals, but here is some meadow running music anyway.

Here comes the sun.............