Friday, 27 January 2012

Velvet Maxi dress with a short sleeved Cropped Jumper.
The granny knit Cardigan was from a Marie Curie in Eastbourne.
Basically "WARM WARM WARM!"

Another one of Chelsea's tops out of an old work shirt.
Cutting the collar and adding the fringe has made it very different
from the original polo, making it more Grunge.

We tried bleaching a few of the tops for ages, but they didn't really take.
This one took a few tries, but its come out a nice acid pink from the original Burgundy.

 Chels cut the original collar and replaced it with this gorgeous psychedelic print, 
she then placed a flower motif over the original print on the front.
Very Charming =)

Chelsea made this lovely Scallop Beaded Top out of an old work shirt.

My attempts to make anything remotely
lovely out of one of these shirts made my head hurt. 
But, I did do one modification that
i may be doing to all of my shirts and polos.