Saturday, 25 May 2013

Studs and Sequins.

Daytime sequins are clearly a thing for me and I love the mixture of this 80's sequinned top under these 90's dungarees, its a classic Chelsea mix.

My mum has been visiting me this week so its been a joyful week of coffee shop trips, charity shop trawling and just generally giggling at everything. While in Primark with her (of all places) I found this necklace, I know everyone is still going mad for studs, but I've always adored them, a hangover from my emo teenage days. Anyway it looks so cool over the sequins here, and I've been rocking over plain black t shirts..... I know very neutral for me! 

I am in the midst with a race with myself seeing how far I can physically push my body, I still have a play to complete in the Fringe, and a cold which is now a week old. So apologies if my outfits are a little dull, inspiration takes energy and time!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

God Save the Queen.

I went for subtly 60's today, the cute green hat sends any look from plain into the more granny area instantly, better what I wore shots coming soon.........promise.
In the meantime I have discovered a new collecting obsession, Coronation crockery but only proper fifties or silver jubilee bits which happened in 77, the height of punk haha. I know its proper granny but I love the stuff, the style of the drawings, the colours both eras that its from. In no way am I a royalist which in a strange way makes it rather a punk statement! Hey we all like what we like so embrace it!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I've only gone and done it..........

I know............ I have succumbed to the lure of 90's streetwear, but look at the pretty colours! I am always seduced by pretty colours!  Actually this jacket was my DADS from the late 1980's, he had matching trousers too! I have tons of memories of him wearing it when I was a child and then my sister recognised its potential a few years ago and now I finally have my hands on it! Note the gold scrunchie in my hair, a nod to my dance class days, in fact this entire outfit had me looking like a 90's dance teacher! Remember fuck the rules, if you like your 90's dance teacher look then you go ahead and enjoy it!