Friday, 10 February 2012

happiness is....... floral cushions!

Thanks to the joys of living in a mouldy room two of my cushion covers were ruined by a green speckle so I thought I’d craft myself some new covers! As floral is my thing I went for this lovely oriental style fabric and then this vintage 70’s off cut from a dress which I’d made.

Tea and cake anyone?

Tea and cake anyone?

Ok I know they are no good for you but in these dreary winter days everyone needs a treat! I followed the easiest recipe ever, call me tragic but it’s the most fun I’ve had in a while!

200g self-raising flour

200g butter

200g sugar

Tsp baking powder

3 eggs

Tbl cocoa powder

Then I made a simple butter cream icing which is just butter, icing sugar and cocoa, mixed to taste.

Edible glitter optional!

(I dont advice using a piping bag.... they just look like turds dont they?!)

Collars and ankles! an obsession!

It seems that ive found a new love just in time for valentines! I'm so into a good old collar, poking out from over a jumper, or just buttoned up and proud!
Also i cannot seem to get enough of a flash of ankle, although still far too cold for anty draft to be going up your jeans, hence the lovely socks pointing out the top of my boots! Who says ankles are not sexy?!

New jewellery

A recent jewellery making evening! I think out ethos is deffo born out of being rather skint most of the time. I’ve been longing for some new pieces for quite a while so I decided to get busy with the pliers and create some new pieces!

All the pieces above are really simply created by bits of old jewellery and odd bits I’s collected over time, all you need is some imagination and a pair of pliers! I’ve used some old coins with wire wrapped round to create a cage and loop, I’ve also used an old Perspex bird, some shell beads. All the links, chains and fastening were just taken from old jewellery! Easy peasy