Saturday, 7 September 2013

I love it when I look comes together!

I bloody love it when a look comes together (Forgive me for using this word) organically! And that's what happened today I knew that I wanted to wear this dress, it was raining so I put my latest favourite hat on and this kimono goes with everything! And so this seventies does thirties oriental magic happened! So exciting when it develops like that!!! This outfit makes me so happy, in fact just prints I love and colours I adore make my day that little bit more bearable and if anything will get me through the hideousness of today's working day it will be nice clothes! 

Friday, 6 September 2013

New ideas for aw13!

Ok things have got a little dull, with the aw13 trends upon us of course there are some of the boring, crack out every year trends. So lets shake thing up a little and look for inspiration in other places. Here are some ideas and tips to get you started! 

Expect the unexpected! 
We are so spoon fed that we buy clothes from certain places as this is deemed appropriate! Dam that rule, there are cool pieces to be Be Found everywhere, you just have to open your eyes! Like cute schoolgirl socks in the pound shop, the menswear section in charity shops are fab for oversized shirts that you can wear as a dress belted or open as an alternative jacket, or make it Girly and tie and ribbon around the collar into a bow, circa Chanel! Army shops and men's work wear are cool for picking up bits too. Just open your eyes, it does not matter where it's from or what it's meant for its how you can rock it that counts!

Forget sizing! 
When I go into a shop I completely ignore sizing, it so opens your mind to alternative shapes and ways of wearing things. Oversized is always ├╝ber cool but also shrunken can be mega cute too. Kids clothes can be approached as well as dresses or coats that are far too big. Even if you don't have the sewing skills a great belt can do wonders for Making a baggy top into a dress, and a dressing gown into a coat. So chuck size out of the window and focus on colour, pattern and good design! 

Explore randomly! 
Fashion magazines are not the only places to gain fashspiration apart from the high street, I adore looking at old knitting patterns cos the colours and combo's are mega cringe but so cute. Look at old books in charity shops, I recently got a book on twenties fashion illustration for 1.49! Family photo albums can be great for vintage inspiration, as well as a laugh. But seriously there are stylistic ideas to be drawn from most things. Whether its the colours in your salad or the hat of an old lady in Midsummer Murders, embrace these random bouts of inspiration! 

People are always scared to attempt any sort of customising if they are not a skilled sewer but you don't need skills, just vision! It seriously does not matter if there are raw edges or fastening pinned with a brooch or a button sewn on with the wrong coloured thread. Those rules are for the boring ! Sure some clothes need to be be smart. But sometimes a change is needed and it's needed quickly, so crack out those scissors and get creating! 

Borrow, swap, find! 
Ok now don't judge me but I'm going to say something a little weird now. My favourite black felt hat I found next to a bin. Yep I know your thinking WTF? Are you a weird bag lady? The thing is people dump furniture or clothes next to bins all the time and as long as you know it's meant for the bin and you can take it home and wash it then everyone is winning! You got something for free, you have saved another item from going to landfill so recycling, as well as reviving an unwanted item. It's not gross it's Eco friendly. So open your stylistic senses up to your mums or grannies wardrobe too as well as your dads. Me and my sister share a lot of clothes, so she will borrow it for a few months and then bring it back. We know that's our agreement so that's cool! If you gain people's trust then it's a fab way to experience different pieces without having to buy them! 

So the morale of the story is open your eyes and trust your own taste! Even I every fashion mag says its wrong it probs won't be in a years time anyway. And ignore sensible friends opinions they will come round. So you keep going with your stylistic adventure and let me know how you get on! 

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Angry and cute x

We are so far experiencing a gorgeous September right? But that begs the question what does a girl wear in this heat when she's all ready to crack on with some autumn trends and wear the cheap winter items she bought in the summer? I'm keeping hooked on my late 60's vibe although I'm gagging to have a change! Think I'm going to dye my hair natural blond and wear a lot more oversized collars and floppy hats.  Mixed in with a quant vibe. I better get sewing right? On the upside I do have these amazing sunglasses I bought of eBay a few weeks ago that only came lately. Perfect mixture of angry and cute. Pretty much sums me up! 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

I'm back with GLITTER!

Apologies, I know it's been a while, it's been a odd couple of weeks what with a trip to the countryside, a mad sewing spree of a new collection, finishing a little film as well as turning a year older! It's been odd! Anyway I'm back, older but not wiser in a 60's inspired Pastel delight. Look I had a clothing crisis ok?! It was a battle ground of homemade dresses that I've worn ten thousand times already this summer and undynamic mini skirt and blouse combinations! However there is one good thing to come of today's look. The silver GLITTER shoes! GLITTER SHOES! I'm not even that Girly but you can't not tell me that glitter is not the best thing ever. To top it off they were a pound from a car boot sale and they are actually meant for ballroom dancers. Now if these shoes are not an argument for opening your mind to alternative  places to shop as well as using items for a different use then I don't know what is.