Thursday, 9 August 2012

geek alert with Microsoft SmartGlass

I love gaming. I love being a Geek. I love knowing things about boring stuff and being enthusiastic about it.
I could talk about Assassins Creed III's release towards the end of October, which I am way too excited about, but there's bigger Batarangs in my Batbelt! I'll try not place in too many gaming references.

Microsoft released information about their latest gadget at this years E3 Conference back in June. To fill you in, E3 is a huge annual computer and video game trades show. E3 stands for The Electronic Entertainment Expo, hence E3. Microsoft announced SmartGlass, I'ts a new smartphone and tablet app that you can download to iPhone, Android Handsets or a Windows Phone. It connects to your Xbox live account and works along side you while you watch films, TV and even when playing the latest Games Releases.

Nintendo Wii have brought out something similar. The Wii Tablet (Wii U) as a new type of remote control... almost like a huge TV sized Nintendo DS in your living room that reacts to and moves the game along. But the SmartGlass is different. 1) It's pretty much available for anyone with a phone/tablet and Xbox. 2) You don't need to buy any new hardware. And 3) I believe It may even be a free app.

You know the Mission Impossible films when people stand around about 4-5 virtual screens swiping and moving things from one screen to the other. It's pretty much going to be that. So in game when you want to bring up the menu to change settings, selecting a new weapon or item, viewing the map and selecting your next location or when you cant for the life of you remember what that actress' name is while watching a film or program, you just pick up your phone and its all there ready for you.

I just love this futuristic feel. It might be a bit much. But were better to use over the top tech than when your running around pretending to be a warlock, or a half man half machine, or even Batman.

Anyway, Im off to Geek-out somewhere else about the possibilities.

Much Love! 
Alanna x-x-x

Check out the video link below. Pretty much sums it up, watch out for the cheesiness.


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