Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Can you hear me???

Ok, I’m back can you hear me loud and clear???!

After what seems like forever, Alanna has persuaded me to start posting again, I have been mega busy…… helping build for playgroup festival, working, choreographing and believe it not being in a play! And Auditions and what not. After yet another knockback for a part I actually really wanted (who cares anyway) I though today was the day for a post.

Well this lovely weather we have been blessed is throwing up a few new issues, like how to look interesting with minimal layers and accessories………….

Today I seem to be rocking a kind of preppy look, including dr martins which were second hand to me a couple of months ago, exciting! I guess I’ve been swinging between the wildly cute and also hints on nineties naughtiness which is BIG street trend news in case you didn’t already know!!! Also I’m having to move in the next few weeks to ‘I’m not sure where yet’ which induced a clear out (yes friends reading this feel free to come and rummage through my cast offs) although I did come across the beautiful blouse which I had thought of as rather hard to wear, but today seemed right. Also I lovely friend of mine passed on to me this crotchet collar which his Polish grandma has made when she was fourteen! And we all know it’s all about the collars!

Listening too………… anything on vinyl thanks to my gorgeous record player, yes I’ve joined the elitist crew of the very pretentious and dads everywhere, it’s amazing I recommend them, so it’s been everything Bowie, the Kinks or Kate Bush lately!!!
Also there has been interesting developments….. such as I now own a cape! Also I have had my septum pierced!

here is hounds of love to cheer us all up!

Well over and out for now, promise for a more interesting one next time!!

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Ross Mountney said...

Great post. Sorry about the part. :( Chin up, march forward and don't let the bitches get you down! :) xxx