Monday, 6 August 2012

Alanna's Rant (It's long and has no pictures)

I would definitely say I'm not well read and I definitely don't claim to be, but I've always liked the idea.
It takes me a really long time to find a book I love and continue to read beyond the first few pages.
So, what's annoying is when said book is found and the ending is ruined by circumstance of location.

I'm purposely not disclosing my choice of book (no, it's not Fifty Shades of Grey) as it has been made into a film and people would tell me off for neither seeing the film and/or reading the book in the first place (also if you where thinking of reading it, it means I don't ruin the ending for you).

I decided to pick up this book and then after completion, watch the film. After finishing and being left with a thought provoking book, my own resolutions and my own ideas of what may happen to the characters after the paper back was closed, I bought the film and really enjoyed it... untill the second to last scene revealed to me a completely new revelation.

Let me explain. So, when reading the book, in the second to last chapter, the protagonist (male) asks a very important question (you can probably guess the question) to a Girl he just met and has become infatuated with, very quickly. In the next and last chapter we see that he is still with his long time girl friend, but essentially in the end the reader is left to decide whether or not he decides to stay with the girl friend or start a new with this other woman. This, I really liked. It made sense not to know the outcome as the protagonist through-out the book is riddled with doubt and forever changing his mind. BUT! And a big but. In the film... he asks his Girl friend the very important question!

...Hang on... What! How dare they change the ending!... wait a minute

*pauses film and finds the book*


Never before had I felt so stupid. I had been cheated. The general public and the distracting noises they make. A man on his phone, the mother and her child screaming at each other, they all made me miss it! This isn't fair. The first book I have read for 2 years and they ruin it! Stupid trains.

Now, the characters live happily ever after! Which I am sure I would have loved if I had read it that way in the first place. There is a definite difference between my ending and the films... and it therefore ruined both experiences for me. I'm never reading on the train again.

..........I suppose It's my own fault.

I guess there Is a reason I'm not well read.

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Ross Mountney said...

You're not the only one who's done that!! Love the new look blog. x