Friday, 27 July 2012


Alanna here! Shocker I know. In between March and now, I've pretty much been earning Dosh and paying bills. With a little Holiday getta'way in the middle. And the lack of broadband has sufficiently hindered me from blogging and completing very important tasks. Like browsing shops on-line for hours, forgetting about the one email I set out to check. RIGHT! Explanation over. On with a quick pic of probably the only addition to my wardrobe in a while.

Lets back track a bit. It was my 21st in June and as a treat for myself I bought this very cute 70's top with sheer cape skirt for... wait for it... £3! Bexhill does it again. I teamed it with black sheer tights and high waisted hotpants (I was feeling particularly brave that weekend!)  

More to come.
                  I promise this time!

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