Saturday, 27 April 2013

It's going to be FINE!

It’s fine to only eat chocolate biscuits for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It’s fine to shake your head in embarrassment in relation to something you have done yourself.

It’s fine to love The Muppets and sing the theme tune on a regular basis (oh… just me).

It’s fine to fall over/knock over a drink/walk into walls and pretend that it was pre-meditated.

It’s fine to spend two hours painting your nails, only to wipe them clean again.

It’s fine if someone asks for ID and you can’t remember how old you are.

It’s fine when on the phone to say “Got to go, I’m busy,” when you really just need a wee.

It’s fine to stick your tongue out like a 5 year old when an enemy walks away.

It’s fine to sit on the floor, staring at your clothes, half naked in hope that they will dress for you.

It’s fine to sit in bed watching TV until half 2 in the afternoon, before you do something productive… such as eating more biscuits.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Go kimono!

My obsession continues, check out the cute range they have in Snoopers Attic and have a laugh at how chuffed I look to be wearing a Kimono!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

When you feel like crap.......

Everyone has those days, the ones where all confidence seems to recede like it was never there in the first place. Now I could go all emo on you now, but you know what really helps me when I have the blues? You guessed it -Clothes. Putting something on can instantly change your posture and body language. Just putting on your favourite colour lifts your mood, or even just a well loved item can be a helpful boost. As I am always ranting on-the basic message is never underestimate the power of clothes. Its a everyday visual statement. Make the most of it.

Basically florals seem to do a lot for me, and cute details, but although these are both vintage floral print dresses they evoke very different things, embrace variation!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

I just got boring.

Its annoying, you cant be uber cool and inspired all the time, todays offering is rather plain. Do you sometimes get a massive Girl Crush but there style isn't even that complex or your normal taste? Its just every detail about them, like there nail varnish, lip colour, jewellery, hairstyle, smell, everything just oozes cool and inspiration!  Well I'm going to be pretend to be one of those girls today! by the way I'm wearing a rose sent from the body shop at the moment, Marc Jacobs, Daisy would be preferred but that will have to wait until funds allow!

This is me in my room! charity shop dress, with lovely chunky 90's style Topshop boots.

I have always loved big tacky gold chains (on the right people) I use to wear them as a teenager with granny dress's and get called a 'chav' like I would ever look chavy!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013


I don't do relaxing, my boyfriend and friends force me into it, I have to admit relaxing just feels like not trying, meaning you will never progress, do anything with your life or achieve anything, I know not doing anything is the bloody point! Anyway I was persuaded today to go visit Lewes, tons of antique and flea markets as well as charity shops and cute coffee shops. So go me, I actually 'relaxed' and had a jolly nice day...... here is the outfit that went with it.

hand customized sunglasses...... available at Snoopers Attic of course! 

Told you I was relaxing, check out my random ensemble of 70's blue shirt, vintage sweater, urban outfitters leggings, DM's and crazy 80's leather jacket. 

AMAZING leggings, wanted a pair of space print ones for ever, and they are velvet! Everyone knows I have a fetish for velvet!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Hello Monday, goodbye weekend.

Hello Monday, boo hiss, here is a little reminder of the does exist beyond work. It's weird how utterly different you can make yourself look, just by simple things like hair and make up. This weekend I was totally feeling a 60's vibe, but seemed to end up looking rather harlequin and almost a little bit new romantic at times too. Nothing wrong with some completely varied references. Keeps things interesting anyway, so fuck it, it may be Monday but you can incorporate dressing up into your everyday routine, clothes are meant to be fun after all, go on wear something a little silly, laugh at it, as long as you still love it then you will carry it off.