Tuesday, 23 April 2013


I don't do relaxing, my boyfriend and friends force me into it, I have to admit relaxing just feels like not trying, meaning you will never progress, do anything with your life or achieve anything, I know not doing anything is the bloody point! Anyway I was persuaded today to go visit Lewes, tons of antique and flea markets as well as charity shops and cute coffee shops. So go me, I actually 'relaxed' and had a jolly nice day...... here is the outfit that went with it.

hand customized sunglasses...... available at Snoopers Attic of course! 

Told you I was relaxing, check out my random ensemble of 70's blue shirt, vintage sweater, urban outfitters leggings, DM's and crazy 80's leather jacket. 

AMAZING leggings, wanted a pair of space print ones for ever, and they are velvet! Everyone knows I have a fetish for velvet!

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Ross Mountney said...

Do you realise you look even more beautiful - if possible - when you're relaxed as you are here! You should listen to your boyfriend - and your mother - more often. They've got it so right! :) Love the sunnies! xxx