Wednesday, 10 April 2013

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I fucking LOVE this picture, 1 the setting 2 the outfit and 3 it was taken at work by a workmate. This outfit was inspired by a girl I saw in the shop next door to my house late last night when I was buying milk. That's what I adore about street style, you can be inspired anytime, anywhere, it does not take money, talent or even any knowledge. See something, like it..... re do it your own way. This girl had on amazing stripy trousers and a very 90's grunge vibe. I went ten times more girlie and this in my own take on her vibe. Sometimes what the person is actually wearing is vile, but its about a feeling you get, maybe a specific item or just seeing something that you think is really fucking cool. Now get style spotting, style is whatever you want it to be.

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Ross Mountney said...

I love it too - despite all the effing! x