Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Thatcher, a style icon?!

Who would have thought it? One of the most iconic woman of the last century is no longer here, I am in no way agreeing with her choices however I think it is interesting that a woman who did so much, damage/good depending on your views did so little for feminism. Also who the hell styled her, in the era of power dressing, shoulder pads, electronic music and yuppie culture her outfits were truly awful. However one good thing that always comes from repression and recession - creative subcultures; and boy there were some interesting ones. But lets take a look, and in true it hideous...I love it style celebrate the vile and also the great...

One of her trademark colours and a cracking pleated skirt two piece.
I bloody love the collar blouse combo.
I bloody love this yellow jacket.
And as I theme tune I think this is fitting.

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Ross Mountney said...

I just bought you a tangerine two piece with pleated skirt in true Thatcher style! It's hideous - you'll love it! Get the DMS ready - can you imagine Maggie in DMs?! xxx