Sunday, 7 April 2013

Above Parr

Following on from my photography theme this week, I wanted to share one of my favourite collections. Anyone who has ever studied Photography should recognise the name Martin Parr, even if you have never picked up a camera, you should know this name. Martin Parr is a photographer, film-maker, ex-train spotter and collector. He has some of the most obscure personal collections, ranging from dinner trays, stamps, post cards, plates and Spice Girls memorabilia.

'The Last Resort' by Martin Parr was taken during 1983 through to 1985 in New Brighton, Liverpool. Parr was very interested in Thatcher Britain and the results that became of the conservative party at the time. His photographs marked a turning point in photography from monochrome black and white, to bright, vibrant photographs, saturated with colour. The contrast between the vivid colours and the bleak subjects with-in his photo's only highlighted the ugly truth that Thatcher was so eager to ignore, with Parr himself calling them 'anti-postcard pictures.'

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