Saturday, 8 June 2013

Make do. Mend. CREATE.

I was watching a programme about pre war fashions AMAZING, of course during the 40's rationing meant that making extravagant new frocks with brand new fabric wasn't possible. Some of the piece's that people created were just bloody amazing, made of curtains and their husbands old trousers, that kind of thing.
 I love that mentality, its so creative and resourceful and in our modern times its cool to be able to recycle something too. As the majority of our society (including me and all my friends) have restricted funds this mentality applies more than ever, you only need basic sewing skills IF THAT to be able to transform something. Even some kitchen bleach and a pair of scissors and as much imagination as you can muster, you can actually do anything.
 This dress was a 1960's ball gown that belonged to a friend of my grandma's. It was mega tiny and didn't do up around my shoulders, I wanted a quick fix so I just tacked the upper part of the back inside itself to create a deep V back, and then I cut and hemmed the skirt length to knee height to create a more fifties silhouette. Now I know we don't all have a old ball gown lying around, I'm lucky to have inherited a special piece. But the mentality is the same, old tablecloth-new dress, crappy t shirt- new crop top, old caravan curtains-new jacket................. don't be restricted by your skill base or worrying about people knowing what its made off. Now doesn't that old floral bed sheet of yours suddenly look more exciting........................

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


 I made this.................robe I guess you would call it last night, in the space of about 45 mins, my constant lusting for a kimono without any results meant that I had to fill the gap some way, in a red crushed velvet fringed  robe kind of way.

I have been rocking this look lately, as a work friend pointed out, like you have just died and are floating along a river, looking very serene in a black and white film from the thirties. Nice. Anyway fashion hybrids, they really helps define those completely random looks and they are such fun to make up- I would define today as........ slutty thirties fairy. See? Amazing fun. 90's hippy, flapper cowgirl, 60's air hostess meets 40's old lady, grungy teenager/grandma, 70's lesbian, future punk, Bollywood witch, gothic princess, the options are endless and it helps those days when you just feel like you are so totally stuck in a rut.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Flowers, petals, blooms, florals, FLORA! (not the butter)

God I love flowers, I love floral print and most of all I like them all mixed together, as you can see in this outfit, taken in Snoopers Attic. The moral of this picture is if you love something then pile it on. Sometimes less is more, but often more is more. enjoy your clothes and style, go on have a play.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Queen of Granny.

I am wearing the queen off all granny dresses today, and yes its to big for me, but who gives a dam, the print is gorgeous and styled with one of my very own pillbox hats it has enough of a 40's vibe for me to not care about the other bits.
Why do we buy into these stupid rules? That clothes are only meant to fit or hang a certain way, the way that where we buy them from dictates to us. Why are certain styles of clothes seen as so age specific, we assume because we have seen a more mature lady wearing something that that means that a young girl can't too. Why are most hats considered to be something that only crazy eccentric people wear and not part of mainstream fashion as they were 50 years ago. All silly bloody rules and I am for one are going to ignore them. Think of the endless possibility of styles, shapes, sizes, any look you want is possible!!! Go on challenge yourself!