Monday, 3 June 2013

Queen of Granny.

I am wearing the queen off all granny dresses today, and yes its to big for me, but who gives a dam, the print is gorgeous and styled with one of my very own pillbox hats it has enough of a 40's vibe for me to not care about the other bits.
Why do we buy into these stupid rules? That clothes are only meant to fit or hang a certain way, the way that where we buy them from dictates to us. Why are certain styles of clothes seen as so age specific, we assume because we have seen a more mature lady wearing something that that means that a young girl can't too. Why are most hats considered to be something that only crazy eccentric people wear and not part of mainstream fashion as they were 50 years ago. All silly bloody rules and I am for one are going to ignore them. Think of the endless possibility of styles, shapes, sizes, any look you want is possible!!! Go on challenge yourself!

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