Wednesday, 5 June 2013


 I made this.................robe I guess you would call it last night, in the space of about 45 mins, my constant lusting for a kimono without any results meant that I had to fill the gap some way, in a red crushed velvet fringed  robe kind of way.

I have been rocking this look lately, as a work friend pointed out, like you have just died and are floating along a river, looking very serene in a black and white film from the thirties. Nice. Anyway fashion hybrids, they really helps define those completely random looks and they are such fun to make up- I would define today as........ slutty thirties fairy. See? Amazing fun. 90's hippy, flapper cowgirl, 60's air hostess meets 40's old lady, grungy teenager/grandma, 70's lesbian, future punk, Bollywood witch, gothic princess, the options are endless and it helps those days when you just feel like you are so totally stuck in a rut.

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