Saturday, 20 April 2013

Details, Details.

Some people have that really chic simple thing going on, I however adore the organised clutter of an outfit, room, whatever. So resisting the urge to bleach my hair and dye it pink (I have been resisting for nearly two years now) I bought some comb in, wash out stuff to cure my urge for now.
 I go through phases with jewellery, these are todays gems... a vintage ring of my grandma's, a Primark bug, and a oversized flower from my sister LOVE. oh and my probs fake Casio, love the tacky gold colour.
 Also I have not had time to paint my nails the last couple of weeks so you can see this time round I went a little bit crazy and went for glitter, multi colours, splatters and stripes. I think I just see everything as another thing for me to decorate!  

Friday, 19 April 2013

Where are my freebies?!

Hey, you, Magazine world! Where are all my freebies?

I have a collection of magazines I use for cut outs, decoupage (how posh), crafting and all sorts. A lot of these go as far back as 2005. Flicking through them, either for inspiration or ideas, I was reminded of the amazing freebies you used to get! And I'm not talking about the free mascara that comes with the magazine. I'm talking about the delightful surprise freebies, with-in the pages, waiting patiently for me to find.

You used to get at-least five free samples, whether that was a facial cream, a perfume, make-up foundation, there was quite a bit of choice. Usually, this would then lead me to actually buying the item, because at lease I knew then whether it was worth me spending the cash or not.

I'm always up for a bargain (or maybe I'm just cheap), but I think in our time of recession, the very least these mega-money company execs' could do, is pop in a little 1ml sachet of cream.

It would make the world a better place.

I've got spots.

I actually have spots, currently those really big red ones that hurt for ages but you cant do anything about. So while trying not to give a shit I thought I would laugh at them and put some spots on my face myself. These cute dots are a fun way to add a little variation to your make up routine, you can make them bigger for a bit more a mime act sort of look. Or you can add a few dots floating away from an eyeliner flick at the side as well, as I always say, life is too short to always look the same!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Told you i was going to dress like a man.

This look is part masculine, part rockabilly, and also a little bit 50's I guess. I swear every other day at the moment I'm resorting to quite a boyish look, just cant get enough off it. Just wait until I get my hands on a suit!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

You just cant beat synths.

Guys check out these links for some powerful/cheesy/tragic/really fucking cool/funny synth action, there are a thousand outfit inspirations some very questionable! plus this genre of music needs to be acknowledged...... you just cant beat synths.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Boring, Boring spring outfits.....

Right, I'm deadly bored with spring fashions, yeah I know..... lets bring out the bloody pastels and re brand them, as candy colours and then sell a variation of a floral print and we are good to go. Yeah I know this is exactly what I'm wearing today haha. I'm actually pissing myself off at the moment my creative inspiration seems to have died this working week. I mean my fashion mood changes hourly so what hope do I have?
I'm going to console myself by avoiding all springtime fashion updates (although I'm sure I will end up talking about them) I think I may go grungy, I know the 90's street trend is so over done, but all these pastels just makes me want to rebel and look all Kate Bush does gothic haha, either that or I'm actually going to start dressing like a man, a man from the thirties.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Bowie is... changing who you are.

I am rarely speechless, and anything I say about this exhibition will not do it justice. It is not walking around a stuffy museum hall looking at boring items behind glass. It was like seeing an art installation, hints of being at a festival, with loads of information being fed into your ears as well as your eyes. A sensory and creative treat.

It’s insane that one man has become so influential and inspires so many creative’s every day, each one of his performance characters showed us another facet of the man himself. He revolutionised music, by mixing performance art with his strand of rock and roll.  If you haven’t seen cracked actor, watch it, the Ziggy Stardust documentary, watch it. If you do anything remotely creative he is a multi-medium artist that you should be aware off. You don’t have to stick to one thing, you don’t have to express just one side of who you are. Utilise style, theatre, music, painting, everything and anything that inspires you. Who do you want to be today?