Friday, 19 April 2013

Where are my freebies?!

Hey, you, Magazine world! Where are all my freebies?

I have a collection of magazines I use for cut outs, decoupage (how posh), crafting and all sorts. A lot of these go as far back as 2005. Flicking through them, either for inspiration or ideas, I was reminded of the amazing freebies you used to get! And I'm not talking about the free mascara that comes with the magazine. I'm talking about the delightful surprise freebies, with-in the pages, waiting patiently for me to find.

You used to get at-least five free samples, whether that was a facial cream, a perfume, make-up foundation, there was quite a bit of choice. Usually, this would then lead me to actually buying the item, because at lease I knew then whether it was worth me spending the cash or not.

I'm always up for a bargain (or maybe I'm just cheap), but I think in our time of recession, the very least these mega-money company execs' could do, is pop in a little 1ml sachet of cream.

It would make the world a better place.

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